David Myatt and Searchlight Rumors

Searchlight is a British monthly magazine produced by the anti-fascist Searchlight organization, which was founded in 1970’s by several Jewish anti-fascist activists. For over twenty years – beginning in the February 1984 issue – Searchlight regularly repeated rumors about, and made allegations concerning, Myatt’s alleged involvement with Satanism. Searchlight’s attacks on Myatt culminated in the April 1998 issue of the magazine which featured a photograph of Myatt – taken during a Combat 18 demonstration in London – on the front cover together with the headline “The Most Evil Nazi in Britain…” and a five-page story about Myatt and the Order of Nine Angles (ONA). In addition, Searchlight devoted two-pages to Myatt – under the headline David Myatt: Theoretician of Terror – in its “Special Edition” of July 2000 devoted to the London Nail-bomber, David Copeland.

The common feature of all these Searchlight stories about Myatt are: (1) the allegations that he is a Satanist, and that he either founded and leads the Order of Nine Angles, or is “a leading member” of the ONA; and (2) a lack of any evidence supporting these allegations.

Thus, and for instance, the article in the April 1998 issue boldly states: “Formed by Myatt himself in the 1980s, the ONA is a secret society that prides itself on following traditional Satanism…” No evidence whatsoever is presented to support this assumption that Myatt formed the ONA. Likewise, no evidence is presented elsewhere for Myatt’s involvement in either the ONA or with Satanism in general. The only shred of “evidence” they could find is that Thormynd Press, which published some of Myatt’s National Socialist writings and was set-up by Myatt himself, once allegedly shared a Post Office Box with another publisher who published some ONA writings. When asked about this, in an 1997 interview with Nick Lowles (now the Editor of the Searchlight magazine) Myatt simply stated that he was simply, and for a short period only, doing a favor for a “long-standing friend” some of whose views and activities he personally did not agree with. Neither Lowles nor anyone from Searchlight investigated the matter further, even though Myatt’s comment to Lowles is confirmed by private letters written by Myatt some years earlier to Professor Jeffrey Kaplan, author of several books in which Myatt is mentioned. [See, for example, footnote #51 of Kaplan’s book Nation and Race which also mentions a letter Myatt wrote, in July 1994, to a Mr Williams, stating that Myatt’s Occult involvement, such as it was, was mainly in the 1970’s and part of a clandestine campaign – which he elsewhere admitted he later abandoned – to convert some of those individuals to National Socialism.]

More recently, several newspaper articles about Myatt – which reproduce Searchlight’s allegations of Occult involvement by Myatt (without providing any evidence) – have included quotes from Searchlight’s Gerry Gable which continued Searchlight’s attempts to defame and smear Myatt, alleging, for example, that Myatt was just using radical Islam to further his “anti-Establishment agenda” and that he was still a fanatical neo-nazi who was only pretending to be a Muslim.

In addition, a few years after the BBC Panorama program about Copeland which featured Myatt (which program was edited by a certain Nick Lowles) Searchlight seemed to change its tactics regarding Myatt. They ceased describing him as “a dangerous man” and instead said: “Myatt is a self-publicist who has claimed to have taken up many guises, including being a monk. Satanism is probably his overriding inspiration. He still supports neo-Nazi groups and contributes to their websites…” According to Myatt’s biographer, Julie Wright:

“This is certainly a shift in the tactics of his political opponents – Myatt has gone from being ignored (perhaps they hoped he would go away) to being portrayed as a hardened fanatic who is a “dangerous man” to now being portrayed as someone who just sits at home, on the Internet, and who has a “delusional fantasy life”. In fact, Myatt has such a “delusional fantasy life” that one journalist would only meet him with a former SAS soldier for a bodyguard; such a “delusional fantasy life” that the BBC film crew took along a pair of heavyweight “minders” when they interviewed him; and such a “delusional fantasy life” that another journalist – a fit, young, well-built and active man – was so fearful of Myatt’s reputation as a man of violence who “always carries a weapon” that he refused to meet Myatt on a not very isolated hill-top above an English town. Perhaps this journalist was aware that it once took seven Police Officers from the elite S012 unit to arrest Myatt early one morning.”

Furthermore, and somewhat strangely, the avowedly anti-fascist Searchlight has made no recent comment on the fact that Myatt – a Muslim since 1998 – has, many times in the past three years, publicly renounced his former neo-nazi views and confirmed his commitment to Islam, a commitment which precludes any involvement whatsoever with Satanism. Presumably, no such comment has been forthcoming by them because such a public disavowal, by Myatt, of his former views – and his apparent acceptance by other Muslims – means that their old tactics of defaming Myatt by accusing him of being a Satanist, and still a neo-nazi, would no longer work. Or possibly they have just lost interest in the man.

But, somewhat bizarrely, Michael Whine, Chairman of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, has been quoted as saying, in respect of Myatt:

“I would advise all Muslims to have nothing to do with this man.”

Which seems rather a strange comment to make – a Zionist Jew, leader of the most influential Jewish organization in Britain, telling Muslims what to do. Perhaps, after all, they do still regard him as “a dangerous man”.


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