Editorial Note, 01.10.09: The following article was originally published on the Rigorous Intuition blog in August 2005, and since it is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting articles written about Myatt, I reproduce it in full here, even though there are several factual errors, about Myatt, in the article. For instance, the Interview once in the Hexagon Archive was with Stephen Cox, not Myatt; Cox was never even a member of the ONA (let alone its leader); and his Occult group had no connection to either the ONA or Myatt .

Nine Angles of Separation

In the mid-90s, in an essay entitled “Death Before Dishonour,” British neo-Nazi political philosopher David Myatt wrote:

To live and act like an Aryan – that is, with nobility of character – means upholding and living by this principle of Death Before Dishonour. Nothing else is more important – not personal happiness, not personal love, not personal comfort and wealth. This principle expresses the spirit, or ethos, of the Aryan warrior, and to be Aryan means to live like such a warrior, for however short a time.

Also, in “The Divine Revelation of Adolf Hitler”:

Quintessentially, the revelation of Adolf Hitler has rendered all other religions obsolete. For this is the first and most important revelation of the cosmic Being – of the purpose of the cosmic Being. Other religions now belong to the past; they are historical curiosities…. All these religions are earth-bound; they do not seek to fulfil a Destiny among the stars, bringing more life, more consciousness.

At about the same time, Anton Long, Grandmaster of the British-based “traditional” Satanic group the Order of Nine Angles, wrote:

We uphold human culling as beneficial, for both the individual who does the culling (it being a character-building experience) and for our species in general, since culling by its nature removes the worthless and thus improves the stock. Naturally, there are proper ways to choose who is to be culled – each victim is chosen because they have shown themselves to be suitable. They are never chosen at random, as they are never “innocent.”

Two years ago, in “The Perspective of Islam,” radical theoretician and al Qaeda apologist Abdul Aziz wrote:

The majority of Westerners condemn martyrdom operations on the basis of the Western perspective, using Western criteria, failing to understand the Muslim belief that this life of ours is only a means, a test, and thus failing to understand that many Muslims are willing to give up their own lives in order to do their Islamic duty, trusting as these Muslims do in the judgement of Allah…. Our life here on this planet we call Earth is only an opportunity – never to return – to gain entry into Jannah and that one of the best means to gain such entry is to strive, and if necessary die, in the Cause of Allah.

What do these people have in common? Everything. They – and many more, besides – are the same person. Let’s call him, for simplicity’s sake, David Myatt. But what he is, there’s nothing simple about that.

Combat 18 is a neo-Nazi org formed in 1991 to provide hooligan muscle for the racist British National Party. (Its “18” numerically represents “AH,” the initials of Adolph Hitler.) Myatt has described himself as its political philosopher.

There’s much suspicion, on the both the left and right, that Combat 18 “was created by Britain’s internal security service MI5 to discredit the BNP while acting as a honey trap, or sting operation, designed to attract the most violent neo-Nazis in Britain into a single organization, where they could be monitored more easily.” Its leader, Charlie Sargent, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1997 for the murder of another member, was also an alleged Special Branch informant.

Combat 18 splintered, with Myatt founding the most radical faction, the National Socialist Movement, which remained loyal to purported informant Sargent.

In 1999 NSM member David Copeland conducted a racist nail-bombing campaign which killed three people and injured 129. Myatt’s “A Practical Guide to Aryan Revolution” was particularly formative to Copeland’s thinking. In a profile of Copeland, BBC’s Panorama determined:

…the man whose ideas had more influence than most on Copeland was David Myatt from Worcestershire, founder member of the NSM and its first leader. He once said the Nazi movement needed people “prepared to fight, prepared to get their hands dirty, and perhaps spill some blood.”

And though Combat 18 splintered under suspicion of members’ motives and loyalties, it isn’t quite finished yet being a bloody nuisance. A headline yesterday from Northern Ireland (where Combat 18 is reputed to be used by MI5 to infiltrate Loyalist paramilitaries): Neo-Nazis have threatened me, says Ulster assembly member John Dallat, who has received threats from Combat 18 to burn down his house and torch his office.

The Hexagon archives records an encounter with the unnamed leader of the “Order of Nine Angles” – apparently Myatt [ See Editorial Note, above] – who supposedly co-authored a book with associate “Christos Beest” which likened the ONA “to a modern equivalent of the German Thule Society, precursor of the Nazi Party and responsible for a number of assassinations of dissenters…the reader is lead to believe that the group are busy ‘culling human dross.'”

Hexagon, while refusing to disclose the name of the leader, found “a nucleus of four middle aged men surrounded by up to ten younger aspiring acolytes, again all male. The group [ See Editorial Note, above] uses homosexual rites and although they may well have contact with the far right are highly unlikely to be capable of carrying out numerous murders as darkly hinted at.”

In The Song of a Satanist, “Stephen Brown” – yet another Myatt pseudonym – writes:

Most Satanists cannot publish an autobiography, or even have a biography which relates their life in detail while they still live, for the simple reason that it would probably render them liable to prosecution by those asinine guardians of the even more stupid system of ‘Law’. (Plus the fact that most wish to continue their sinister esoteric work in secret, to aid the sinister dialectic.) If this threat does not exist, then their life has not been Satanic enough.

Another demonstration of the convergence of fascism and occultism is found in the ONA’s Temple 88, which is described as an instantiation of the “aryanist and national-socialist ideas/ideals of the Order of Nine Angles.” The writings of “Temple 88” are recommended for higher initiates, having “reached the seventh stage (Saturn) of the septenary Tree of Wyrd,” who are “assumed to be able to judge and understand why the usage of national-socialism and aryanism is implemented in the Order of Nine Angles ideological structure.”

And what are the Nine Angles? A ceremonial means to manifest the “Dark Gods.” And perhaps not surprisingly, here’s where things get Lovecraftian:

The details that Lovecraft gives regarding ‘calls’ and rites are mostly fanciful and only in a few places does he inadvertently reveal the truth – for example, in his mention of the trapezohedron and ‘Azathoth’. The key to travel along the passages between the star nexions is the Nine Angles and the key to the Nine Angles is the crystal tetrahedron which is activated by voice vibration. ‘Azathoth’ as described by Lovecraft, is a symbolic and distorted re-presentation of the intersection, in acausal space-time, of these astral star passages: a kind of galactic vortex or node. Those who journey there never return the same. Along the star passages the shells of long dead civilizations lie strewn. The Nine Angles (the key to contact both physical and astral) are re-presented in the septenary Star Game and it is through this symbolic re-presentation that the magick of the Dark Gods is made manifest. The rest, to the uninitiated, is sheer terror.

(Lt Col Michael Aquino has authored the Lovecraftian “Ceremony of the Nine Angles” for the Temple of Set, but disavows Myatt and the ONA’s public embrace of human sacrifice.)

And since we’ve come this far, let’s remind ourselves: according to the ONA, where do these “Dark Gods” reside?

The acausal universe itself may be described as that aspect of the cosmos bounded by acausal time and possessing more than three spatial dimenions; the causal universe may be described as that aspect of the cosmos bounded by causal, or linear, time and possessing three spatial dimensions at right angles to each other. The entities known to esoteric tradition as the Dark Gods are beings which exist in the acausal universe. Other such beings probably exist in the acausal realm, but the Dark Gods are known to us through having, at various times in our evolution, ‘intruded’ into our spatial universe.

As I’ve noted in an earlier post, the “acausal universe” recalls Michio Kaku’s Parallel Worlds, in which he writes that “anyone who can tap into the fourth spatial dimension (or what is today called the fifth dimension, with time being the fourth) can indeed become invisible, and can even assume the powers normally ascribed to ghosts and gods.” And interestingly, one of the things David Myatt may be said to be with some assurance is a student of physics.

In 2000 Myatt reputedly converted to Islam, and quickly became an advocate for al Qaeda “martyrdom operations.” Though as he had often done, Myatt hid his previous associations by assuming an alias. He became “Abdul Aziz.”

This story from February 16, 2003, entitled “Midland Nazi turns to Islam,” was one of the first to make the connection between the “Koranic scholar,” the neo-Nazi and the occultist:

A “Satanic Fuhrer” who urged neo-Nazis to fight a race war has turned full circle to become an Islamic fundamentalist.

Midland-based David Myatt, 51, was the political guru behind white supremacist group Combat 18 and has been the leading hardline Nazi intellectual in Britain since the 1960s.

Now the self-confessed Pagan and Adolf Hitler worshipper hails al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden as his inspiration and praises the World Trade Center attacks as acts of heroism…supporting suicide missions and urging young Muslims to take up Jihad.

“Turning full circle” always sounded to me like a lot of fuss to create the appearance of motion, while returning to one’s starting point.

Is Myatt an agent provocateur, a shit-disturber who can’t settle upon a radical philosophy, something more, or something less? It’s difficult to assess motive, but consider that he has been arrested numerous times for such things as writing and disseminating “practical terrorist guides” on suspicion of conspiracy to murder. These cases have always been dropped due to “lack of evidence.” Does he enjoy protection? The record is suggestive that he does. And if it appears so, then we should ask the next question: Why?

One Muslim internet user told the Sunday Mercury that Myatt, who has an IQ of 187, had convinced other users he was an Islamic scholar with his eloquent arguments backed with Koranic verses. He said: “After September 11 Abdul Aziz’s messages started to become more extreme.

“But because he wrote with authority, many less-knowledgeable Muslims thought he was a holy man and began supporting his fundamentalist views. When his true identity was revealed by other users on the site, he changed his online name to Abdul bin Aziz and then al Haqq.”

Myatt may seem to have flitted from one politico-religious philosophy to another, but there is a terrible thread of continuity and rigour through his life and writings that suggests he is much more than a disingenuous provocateur. Naziism and Islamicism have served, in turn, as modalities of disruption for what remains at core an occult working to sow general chaos and division – the necessary passage of “Helter Skelter” to break down the Old Order, before the founding of the New.

So again: whose interests are served by there being a David Myatt? Is he is own man – or men – or does he belong to someone else? Or is it something else – an intelligence service perhaps, or something, say, acausal?

David Myatt c. 1989

Editorial Note (by Raffy, Nov 16, 08): After considering a polite request to remove the following article, I decided to keep it, pointing out that it is filed in the Categories Disinformation, and Allegations, and that there is already a suitable Disclaimer at the beginning of the article.

Update, Jan 30, 2009: Anton Long Chronology (pdf)


Introduction and Disclaimer:

This is the latest, updated, version (1.15a, January 120yf) and supersedes all previous versions.

I have pieced this Chronology together from a variety of sources, including some unpublished ones, some Internet items, and some articles published in various printed magazines, newspapers, and books. I have also, on occasion, used information supplied by various contacts of mine who are familiar with the life and works of both David Myatt and Anton Long.

This unofficial Chronology is based on the assumption that Anton Long is a pseudonym of David Myatt.

Thus, it is an amalgam of the assumed life of Anton Long – taken from the above mentioned variety of sources – and information about Myatt obtained from a similar variety of sources.

In the interests of fairness, I must point out that Myatt himself still continues, publicly and privately and consistently, to deny being Anton Long, and publicly and privately denies any invovlement with the ONA, and affirms his continuing commitment to Islam.

All errors, mistakes, omissions, and the unintentional reproduction of disinformation, in this Chronology, are entirely my fault.

Version 1.15a
Updated January, 120yf


Anton Long: A Short Chronology of His Life

Born 1950

1950-c.1967: Africa and Far East


^ Begins study of Martial Art, based on Taoism, in Singapore
^ Initiated into pleasures of erotica in Singapore brothel

1967: Arrives in England to complete schooling

Notable events: 1967- 1968

^ Leaves home (his father returns to live and work in Africa) – working during School holidays at a variety of jobs, including fruit picking, a farm, and a local factory. His father gives him a generous monthly allowance
^ Joins small traditional coven in the Fenlands of East Anglia
^ Begins study of National Socialism following reading about Major General Otto Ernst Remer
^ Joins Colin Jordan’s newly formed neo-nazi British Movement
^ Visits London in search of Occult groups and makes contact with small group following G*D* and Crowleyian magick, which he soon rejects as “wishy-washy arty-farty mumbo-jumbo”
^ Regularly attends meetings and rallies and demonstrations by BM, and newly formed NF, and gets involved with many fights
^ Joins small Left Hand Path group in London, and meets lady who runs a well-kept and high-class brothel: Quod duo Concubinatus genera sint, as he was to later, mockingly, write.

All this activity and seeking has a deleterious effect on his school studies, and he seriously considers quitting studying for his “A” levels and moving to live and work in London

1969 – 71

^ Seeking Promethean challenges, he becomes, for around nine months, a cat-burglar, and targets premises in London, expressing delight in the risks and the physical challenges, especially when access is through entries such as upper floor windows and roofs. He tests each “mark” personally – in terms of their individual character – before deciding if their premises, domestic or business (or both, but often just business and commercial premises), merit his attention, and later uses the experience gained to refine the ONA’s guidelines for the testing of opfers.

^ Leaves School to enter University, where he studies Physics

^ 1971: Becomes disenchanted with University, and spends more time traveling around the country attending political meetings, rallies and demonstrations, as well as working with a small Left Hand Path group, based in Yorkshire, called The Temple of the Sun, and visiting and staying with his lady friend, the brothel owner, in London where he occasionally helps out with running the business

On several occasions, he acts as Colin Jordan’s bodyguard at BM meetings and rallies.

He meets, via a contact in a Manchester Left Hand Path group, the Lady Master, of a traditional Sinister group, whose daughter initiates him into their reclusive sinister ways, and he spends many weeks staying with them, studying, and recording, their aural traditions after which his new Lady Master and her daughter emigrate to Australia, leaving him in charge of their very small Left Hand Path group, numbering less than thirteen people, to which group he gives the name Order of Nine Angles. The young lady who initiates him subsequently (and in Australia) gives birth to Myatt’s daughter, whom Myatt only meets decades later. She and her mother have stipulated that Myatt should have no contact with them, nor try to find them, unless they contact him, a stipulation which he, honorably, honors.

1971-1974: Leeds and the NDFM

^ 1971: Finally leaves University after meeting and becoming friends with Eddy Morrison at several neo-nazi rallies and meetings in Leeds, and moves, early in 1972, to live in Leeds, where he is active on behalf of BM and other neo-nazi groups, and where, in the following months – after yet another violent skirmish – he is arrested for his part in a “Paki-bashing” incident involving a gang of skinheads, for which he is subsequently sent to Prison, having been identified as the leader of that gang.
^ 1973: On release from prison he decides to form, with Eddy Morrison, his own neo-nazi group, the NDFM (National Democratic Freedom Movement), with Morrison as leader and himself in charge of propaganda.

Also forms a small criminal gang to “re-distribute some of the wealth stolen by big capitalist firms”, believing that these are “victimless crimes”. He is to be arrested, early in 1974, for his part in these crimes, after an investigation and raids by the Yorkshire Regional Crime Squad (later to become part of the National Crime Squad, which dealt with “serious and organized crime”). Following his arrest, Myatt is charged with several crimes, held on remand in prison, and is subsequently found guilty, and given a suspended Prison sentence.

He is invited to join the underground neo-nazi group Column 88 (a part of NATO’s clandestine Gladio network, with links to MI5 and MI6), which he does, and regularly attends their training sessions, meetings and camps. C88 is led by a former Special Forces Army officer, and its main NATO given task was to conduct sabotage and assassinations in the event of a Soviet invasion.

In early 1974 Myatt gives his first interview to a newspaper journalist, who subsequently reneges on his promise to show Myatt a draft before it is published, and who publishes a sensationalist and untrue story about Myatt and Satanism which appears on the front-page of the local evening newspaper, complete with Myatt’s photograph. The sensationalist claims includes stories of animal sacrifice, and Myatt is interviewed by both the RSPCA, and the Police, about these stories, with both the RSPCA and the Police concluding that they are journalistic invention. The reporter subsequently becomes ill and dies, after a lingering illness, less than a year later. Anton Long was to later write that he never did and never would sacrifice any animals since there was an abundance of human dross suitable as opfers.

Myatt makes several visits to Northern Ireland, traveling on the overnight ferry from Liverpool to Belfast, describing these as “visits of a curious tourist”.

^ 1974: the ultra-violent NDFM year where Myatt regularly speaks at public meetings and rallies, smashes up an anti-Apartheid exhibition (twice), assaults an anti-fascist photographer, and gets arrested at least five times for violent offenses, including wading into a Trades Union march and destroying one of their banners. Speaks at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, to a crowd of nearly a thousand, and at an outdoor rally on Leeds Town Hall steps, to a crowd of several hundred, which ends in a mass brawl, and with him being arrested again. A few months later he appears in Court, and is sent to Prison, again, for his part in “inciting and leading” the fighting during yet another mass brawl.

1975-1981: ONA Insight Roles

On his release from Prison, he grows a beard, and becomes – for several months – a “Gentleman of the Road” (a drifter or vagabond), then settles down to live alone in a caravan in a field in the Fenlands to begin codifying and extensively developing ONA teachings. He undertakes the physical tasks described in the aural traditions he has inherited, then the grade Ritual of Internal Adept, in the Highlands of Scotland (near Loch Ness), afterwards resuming his regular visits to his lady friend, and her girls, in London, who have moved to new premises.

He decides he must spend many years personally trying out – and the refining, from experience – various ONA techniques, including Insight Roles, and opts to enter the noviciate of a Nazarene monastery where he spends nearly two years, during which he continues his Occult studies.

Not long after he leaves the monastery, he moves to Shropshire, resumes his Occult writings, begins writing about National Socialism, and meets the women whom he marries some months later. He successfully undertakes another Insight Role and completes all the new physical challenges he has developed, for External Adept, and described in Complete Guide To The Seven-Fold Sinister Way – having considered the ones he has inherited, and already undertaken, as “just too easy”.

Begins work as a gardener at a country house in Shropshire, and occasionally travels overseas, while continuing his association with Column 88, attending their clandestine meetings and training sessions.


Settled, in Shropshire, he begins writing in earnest about National Socialism, and publishes Vindex: The Destiny of The West and other works of his fourteen volume National-Socialist Series. Begins translating Greek literature, and publishes his translations of Sappho and Sophocles. Regularly writes for a variety of NS and nationalist publications (under his own name and using a variety of ‘nyms) including for John Tyndall’s Spearhead magazine. Privately teaches a few individuals Martial Arts, and completes The Deofel Quartet, and his voluminous ONA works, which he begins to distribute via Thormynd Press and other outlets. These ONA works include early editions of Naos, Hostia, and Black Book of Satan, Part 1

In the middle 80’s he is interviewed by the Police about the murder of a local woman (Hilda Murrell) who was an active supporter of nuclear disarmament, and is also interviewed by Jenny Rathbone, of ITV’s World in Action, about the affair (although his comments were never broadcast), suspicions having been raised in some quarters as to whether Myatt was doing some “dirty work” for MI5. Someone – who was also suspected of “dirty tricks” for MI5, knew someone who knew Myatt – committed suicide before he could be questioned about the murder, and the murder was to spawn various “conspiracy theories” although, decades later, the real murderer was found, charged and imprisoned.

A few years after this incident, Myatt divorces his wife (she goes off to live with a younger lady) and he disbands the few, and small, ceremonial ONA groups that exist and which he still leads, having returned to, and further developed, the more traditional way of individual Initiates working alone with perchance some guidance.

With Column 88 disbanded after its existence became public knowledge, he regularly travels the UK to recruit (at neo-nazi and nationalist meetings and events) members for his clandestine neo-nazi group, the Aryan Resistance Movement (later, Aryan Liberation Army) whose candidates he tests by methods deriving from the ONA, but finds only a few suitable individuals.


Still living in Shropshire, he marries again, and travels many times to Egypt and other parts of Africa (where he again visits his father’s grave which lies somewhere “between the Bangweulu swamp and the Lulua river”). He publishes further NS writings, more ONA material, and a translation of The Agamemnon by Aeschylus, and – following the untimely death of his second wife from cancer – he begins a course in Arabic at a British University only to leave after a short while to cycle through the Sahara Desert (from Cairo to El-Kharga oasis via Farafra), returning to move to live near the Herefordshire-Worcestershire border and work on a farm.

He then becomes involved with Combat 18, a group started not by Myatt himself but by Charlie Sargent, and his brother, Steve.

1994-1999: Combat 18 and The London Nail Bombings

During these years, he returns again to being publicly active on behalf of National Socialism, attending meetings and events organized by C18 and other neo-nazi groups, and again speaking in public. Several articles about him appear in the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, and in other magazines, and Liberty Bell, in America, publish most of his Thormynd National-Socialist Series of NS essays. A booklet, attributed to Myatt, announcing the formation of a leaderless resistance racist group, “The White Wolves”, is distributed, containing practical advice on making home-made bombs. Myatt issues a bi-monthly NS publication, The National-Socialist, in support of C18. He also marries for the third time, to live (after a honeymoon in The Maldives) in what one Midlands newspaper subsequently reported (complete with photograph) as a “luxury detached four-bedroomed house” in a small village near the town of Malvern.

Not long after settling there, Myatt travels to Australia, having received an unexpected invitation from the lady who initiated him into what was to become the ONA to attend the funeral of her mother, and Myatt there meets his daughter for the first time, who is a married woman with children of her own.

Myatt continues to clandestinely recruit for his covert Aryan Resistance Movement (ARM), his terrorist manual A Practical Guide to Aryan Revolution – described as a “detailed step-by-step guide for terrorist insurrection” – is put on the Internet for the first-time by someone in Canada, and there are rumors of Myatt receiving financial support from a former member of Hitler’s Waffen SS.

He makes further visits to Northern Ireland, flying from Manchester Airport to ‘Derry, describing these visits as “coastal and hill walks; enjoying the solitude and scenery.”

During 1997, C18 splits into two factions, the disloyal faction being led by someone called Browning who was accused by Charlie and others of stealing C18 funds, and Charlie Sargent is arrested for the murder of a Browning supporter. Myatt, remaining loyal to Charlie, forms and leads The National-Socialist Movement, after getting Colin Jordan’s permission to use that name, and all the members of C18 loyal to Charlie join this group, which includes several serving soldiers of the British Army. Myatt appears at Charlie’s trial to give him public support and twice publicly challenges Browning to a duel with deadly weapons but Browning fails to accept these challenges to a private duel. A photograph of Myatt with a woman (a C18 member) – outside the Court at Chelmsford – appears in Searchlight together with a description of the continuing feud between the two C18 factions.

Myatt is interviewed at an Inn in Craven Arms, Shropshire, by Nick Lowles of Searchlight, who – fearful of Myatt’s reputation as man of violence who “always carries a weapon” – brings along a “minder” and declines Myatt’s suggestion to meet elsewhere, fearing an ambush. Unknown to Lowles, several supporters of Myatt are already present in the Inn. Lowles tries to get Myatt to admit to being Anton Long, mentioning a PO Box in Hereford which he claims is “proof”, but Myatt politely replies that he was, for a short while only, merely doing a favor for a long-standing friend whose views he did not share. Lowles eventually gets angry – shouting at Myatt: “Why don’t you just admit it!” – but Myatt remains calm and polite and repeats his denial. Myatt was later to write that he had mentioned this friend several times before, including to Professor Jeffrey Kaplan (see footnote #51 of Kaplan’s book Nation and Race). Myatt was to later publicly challenge Lowles to a duel with deadly weapons for spreading lies and making malicious allegations about him, a challenge which Lowles did not accept, leading Myatt to publicly call him “a dishonourable lying coward”.

In the early months of 1998, a squad of detectives from Scotland Yard’s SO12 unit conduct a Dawn raid on Myatt’s home and arrest him. His house is searched by seven Police officers for over seven hours, and computers, literature and other items are seized, while Myatt is taken away for questioning. (Myatt is formally arrested and cautioned by DC Mark Whalley, of S012, Scotland Yard.) Myatt is later released on bail, while the Police continue what is to be a three year long investigation into charges relating to incitement to murder, conspiracy to murder, and incitement to racial hatred, with this investigation involving Interpol, the FBI, MI6, and the Canadian Police. Myatt is again the subject of an article in Searchlight, who post a photograph of him on their front cover, with the heading The Most Evil Nazi in Britain. It later transpires that Nick Lowles and Gerry Gable, of Searchlight, and Michael Whine, of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, are the people responsible for putting pressure on Scotland Yard to arrest Myatt, having made an official complaint against him and his neo-nazi activities.

Some months after Charlie Sargent is sent to prison for murder, Myatt resigns as leader of the NSM, to concentrate on his own Reichsfolk and ARM organizations. Then, quietly, with no announcement either public or private, in September of 1998 Myatt converts to Islam at a Mosque in the Midlands.

In 1999 David Copeland – a member of Myatt’s NSM – begins his campaign to start a racial war by exploding three nail-bombs in various areas of London. Three people are killed, and over a hundred are injured, many seriously. Copeland is arrested soon after the last bomb explodes, and before he could detonate more bombs.

Prior to Copeland’s trial, Myatt is questioned by Police officers from Scotland Yard’s Anti-Terrorism branch about Copeland, but denies any connection, and he is also confronted by a reporter from the BBC’s Panorama program who asks him the same question.

Following Copeland’s trial and conviction, a year later, the BBC Panorama program about Copeland is broadcast (with Myatt’s voice altered by BBC special effects at the suggestion of Nick Lowles), accusing Myatt of being Copeland’s mentor, and there are subsequently many other Media reports about Myatt and Copeland, with journalists arriving at Myatt’s home and place of work (a farm) in an effort to interview him. Myatt declines to answer any of their questions, and instead issues a public statement in which he stated: “I personally regret nothing. There is nothing to apologize for; nothing to plead or feel guilty about…”

Every six months or so (and until 2001), the Police continue to formally interrogate Myatt (mostly at Charing Cross Police Station, in London, but on one occasion at Oxford Police Station) regarding Copeland, A Practical Guide to Aryan Revolution, and other matters relating to the charges still pending against him.


Myatt continues – until the end of 2000 – to issue editions of his The National-Socialist newsletter, as he continues to write about National Socialism, and lead Reichsfolk. At the beginning of 2001, the Police inform Myatt that they have dropped all charges against him, and return his computers and other belongings.

In the Summer of 2000, Myatt, according to one source, travels to Iran, from whence he crosses over to Iraq. He begins to write about Islam and in particular articles about and praising Osama bin Laden and the Taliban. In the Summer of 2001, Myatt leaves his wife, citing “irreconcilable differences” mostly to do with his Islam, sells the house, and goes to briefly stay with CB (and his female partner) on a farm in Shropshire for a few months, before becoming, for some months, a “Gentleman of the Road” in the fells of Cumbria.

He then settles in a town in the north of England, together with a new girlfriend, producing more writings about both Islam and what he calls The Numinous Way. After around six months, he moves again to begin work on a rural farm, visiting Egypt several times, while continuing to produce more polemical Islamist writings and continuing to try and get neo-nazis to cooperate with radical Muslims in order to fight “the tyrannical New World Order, the dishonourable profane Zionist led Crusade alliance…” and, of this cooperation, Professor George Michael was later to write that Myatt has “arguably done more than any other theorist to develop a synthesis of the extreme right and Islam.”

Between 2003 and 2006 Myatt concentrates on writing about, and being involved with, Islam, earning a reputation as a radical Islamist, a supporter of both “suicide attacks”, and of Osama bin Laden. One of his articles justifying suicide attacks is, for several years, on the Izz al-Din al-Qassam (the military wing) section of the Hamas website whose members have killed hundreds of Jews in such attacks. Myatt, in many essays and on Internet forums, in various interviews and discussions, and using his Muslim names including Abdul Aziz, defends both the 9/11 and the London 7/7 attacks.

In 2005, he is mentioned at a NATO conference On Terrorism and Communications, in Slovakia, where it is stated that he has called upon “all enemies of the Zionists to embrace the Jihad, the ‘true martial religion’ which will most effectively fight against the Jews and the Americans.”

In 2006, he takes part in an “on-line” dialog, on a well-known and respected Islamic website, answering questions from Muslims world-wide. He is the subject of a full-page article (complete with color photograph) in The Times, of London, newspaper – under the topic Muslim Extremists in Britain – and is subsequently asked by several other newspapers for interviews, and invited to appear on an Arabic television station to discuss his support for bin Laden, all of which offers he declines.

Also in 2006, Myatt – as Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt – is mentioned at the grandly named NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Hypermedia Seduction for Terrorist Recruiting, held at Eilat, in “Israel”.

Recent Islamist articles of his include essays such as In Reply to Sheikh Salman b. Fahd al-Oadah (where he again defends bin Laden), The Revival of Aql, and The Aims of Al-Qaeda which is translated into many languages, including Italian.

Despite his involvement with Islam, rumors persist concerning Myatt continuing to be involved with the ONA, and continuing to develop his Numinous Way philosophy, and, between 2006 and 2008 dozens of new and revised articles about The Numinous Way are distributed. In early 2009 The Numinous Way Foundation issues a compilation of these revised and new articles. In the late Fall of 2008 – as in some previous years – rumors began circulating that Myatt had abandoned Islam in favor of his The Numinous Way, but Myatt himself denies this, claiming he is still a Muslim, and continues to write and publish Islamist articles, such as The Zionist Attacks on Gaza, dated 8 Muharram 1430 (i.e. January 2009).


January 120 yf



Anton Long and Myatt:

Diablerie: Revelations of a Satanist (Anton Long, Thormynd Press, 1991 e.n.)

Quod Fornicatio sit naturalis hominis (unpublished typewritten MS, by Anton Long, dated 107 yf)

Autobiographical Notes, in three parts, by David Myatt (2001-2008 CE)

Emanations of a Mage (unpublished MS by Anton Long, dated 118 Year of Fayen)

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An ONA Sigil

“The ONA… is definitively an experimental means by [David] Myatt to use our (humanity’s) belief in forms to induce certain qualities that he felt were necessary for achieving his dream of Homo Galactica.

I have stated before that Satanism was chosen by Myatt deliberately: because to combat something so tyrannically massive and oppressive as the Magian Empire requires the adoption of an equally powerful supremely arrogant persona to give the illusion that such an empire can be destroyed: thus a Mythos was begun, which became a culture, and which culture is becoming a reality. Not, as some would have it, a Temple of black-clad Devil Worshippers in denial on the moors of Shropshire, but in a dis-connected unification of a new consciousness that requires none of these trappings: whereby I mean trappings literally, the forms of ONA being the concerted efforts of Myatt to manipulate the clay afforded to him into beholding his vision, as “his” vision. Where “his” becomes the loosening of Myatt’s culpability and responsibility from individual ownership issuing from his mortal shell with the diminishing importance of the location of his will (a life-centred nexion, not a human-centred one) and the emergence of the supra-personal personfication that some may equate fairly with the voice of a Dark God…”

Extract from an essay entitled “Them, Magic and the Individual in Context”, circulated by the Australian esoteric group Temple of Them.

David Myatt c. 1989

David Myatt c. 1989


The Numinous Cyclic Theory of David Myatt

by Kerry Bolton

British esotericist and now convert to Islam, David Myatt, formulated a cyclic theory called Aeonics. This merits individual attention as Aeonics provides another perspective on history from a specifically spiritual standpoint. Myatt’s Aeonics, as the term makes obvious, is based on cycles as “aeons” or Ages, each with its own numinous or spiritual character and stemming from what Myatt terms the acausal, the supra-natural acting upon the causal or physical world.

Myatt himself ascribes the foundations of Aeonics to both Spengler and Toynbee, (Myatt, 1984, 1-3) the latter providing the paradigm of civilisations as arising from challenges. Myatt’s own concern for much of his life has been the overcoming of the Western cycle of decline, that it might fulfil what he considered its destiny. While Toynbee states that Civilisations end in a last hurrah of world-empire, Myatt adds Spengler’s Faustian challenge, stating that the destiny of the Western Civilisation is that of Galactic Empire. Spengler’s definition of the Western cultural ethos as Faustian meant that the West’s own unique culture-soul is based on an unquenchable reach for infinity and exploration, unfolding all the secrets of nature. This Faustian ethos is manifested as the cultural soul in all the elements of the West in its cycles of becoming. Hence the distance and perspective of the art of Rembrandt and the feelings of infinity conjured by the outreach of the Gothic spire. (Myatt, 1984, The West, 3).

Myatt goes beyond this seeing the space ship, space exploration and ultimately galactic settlement and Galactic empire as the logical ultimate expression of the Faustian soul. (Myatt, 1984, The Faustian Spirit, 6). Myatt succinctly states: “If we need a symbol to represent our Western civilisation – to express its quintessence – it is the spacecraft.” (Myatt, ibid. 7.).The Western Civilisation would be superseded by a Galactic Civilisation just as the Roman Civilisation had superseded the Greek, and the Western the Roman.

This Western destiny Myatt explained in the opening paragraphs to Vindex referring to Toynbee in defining civilisations: “Acceding to Toynbee, a civilisation arises from either a physical or a social challenge – that is, civilisation is man’s successful response to a particular geographical or social challenge.” He gives as an e.g. the Egyptian civilisation as arising from the challenge of the Nile River Valley. Each civilisation declines and produces what Toynbee calls a “Universal State, usually an empire which lasts generally for a 400 year cycle. (Myatt, 1984, 1).

Myatt’s 1984 book was directed to those working on a causal, political level. Esoterically, Aeons could be influenced by those working magickally, adepts who had reached a level of consciousness to utilise the theory of Aeonics to work consciously to intervene in the cycles of history by opening the causal to acausal energies, or what are called the “dark gods”. Hitherto civilisations had arisen unconsciously, and man had been subject to the laws of cyclicity without being aware of the forces that were controlling him. Now through Aeonics and the conscious Aeonic magick directed by occult adepts, the cyclic laws could be consciously directed. Western Civilisation would go through its final cycle, but this would be the prelude to a new civilisation, the Galactic empire, extending the West’s Faustian scientific impulse.

In order for this destiny to unfold, those conscious of this cultural destiny would have to actively work for it both esoterically and exoterically. Myatt was therefore involved in formulating a system of occultism via the Order of Nine Angles (ONA), the primary magickal purpose being to open what Myatt called “nexions”, the meaning of which can be readily deduced from the word: a nexus or star-gate between the acausal and the casual worlds. The ONA had a unique pantheon of dark gods and goddesses relating to the opening of star gates through which acausal energies would be manifested on earth. A large corpus of occult literature was formulated by the ONA, indicating Myatt’s depth of occult knowledge.

Myatt explained the cyclic interregnum during which adepts could work to herald the next civilisation:

“Regarding Aeons, two important facts should be borne in mind. First the last five hundred years or so of an Aeon show a marked decline in the magickal energy associated with it, and it is during this time that the energies of the next Aeon gradually become evident (at first usually only to Adepts) these energies may be increased (or decreased) by Aeonic magick worked by those who understand the forces involved. Second, each Aeon is associated with what is called a ‘higher civilisation’ from which the Aeon usually takes its name. Within the physical confines of this higher civilisation is the (usually sacred) place where the magickal energies of the Aeon are pronounced – and this because such a place is usually a physical Gate where the causal and the acausal meet. For instance, the centre associated with the Hyperborean Aeon was Stonehenge; that of the Hellenic, Delphi. ” (Myatt aka Thorold West, 1989, Naos, The Septenary System).

In explaining terms, Myatt defines a Star-Gate or nexion as “a nexus between the acausal and the causal.” These star-gates are in the ONA Tradition “the regions of space near the stars Algol, Dabih, and Naos” and they are said to be actual physical gates, not simply metaphors. (Myatt, Naos, Notes on Esoteric Tradition).

The Adept opens a nexion within the psyche by following the “seven fold way” of the ONA, a grade system that tests the physical endurance of the aspirant as much as the mental and psychological. (Myatt, Naos, Part One: Physis Magick).

In defining the causal and the acausal, Myatt states that “the causal is the ‘physical universe”, described by three dimensional and linear time. The acausal is the universe described by “an unspecified number of spatial dimensions and by non-linear time.” Life is a manifestation of the acausal within the causal. It is in the psyche where the two universes coincide, and where the individual might become part of the acausal by opening a nexion. Archetypes are a manifestation of this. As this relates to Aeons, Myatt explains:

“An Aeon is a particular ordering of the causal on Earth which is manifest as a civilisation – i.e. an increasing of the acausal, usually at a specified place/area for a specified period of (linear) time). Magick is the presencing of the acausal in the causal.” (Myatt, Naos, Acausal/Causal).

These fundamentals of Aeonics and Aeonic magick were articulated and refined over a number of MSS some by Myatt, others by his protégé and successor as ONA Grand Master Richard Moult, a talented artist and musician, both often writing under the generic pseudonym Anton Long. [See Editorial Footnote below.]

Myatt himself has had a long spiritual odyssey, somewhat reminiscent of the legend of Doctor Faustus himself, a never-ending quest for knowledge.

In 1998 Myatt converted to Islam and identifies with the militant manifestations of the Muslim world. Like Ungern-Sternberg, who is considered below, who converted to a militaristic Buddhism as his answer to Bolshevism and Western decadence in the aftermath of World War I, Myatt became a Muslim as his answer to the West’s spiritual void and break with Tradition. He now sees the West as irredeemably lost and not capable of emerging from its cycle of decline. Myatt, now known as Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt, relates something of this spiritual odyssey in a recent interview:

What it is about this faith, rather than all of the others, that has gripped you? What is it about Islamic culture, law and the way of life that has so spoken to your heart and soul over ours?”

Basically, Islam is a true middle-way. It is simple both in practice and in theory, and is an easy Way for we fallible, error-prone, human beings to become better individuals. Consider, for instance, prayer – Salat (also called Namaz). This is always short, and easy to do. It is a combination of words, gestures and movement – unlike any other form of prayer such as Nazarene, Buddhist, heathen. … In my life, I have experienced and performed many types of prayer – from Buddhist to Taoist to Anglican, to Catholic (including those of Benedictine and Carthusian monasticism) to Hinduism – and of all of them I found Namaz to be both the most human and the most numinous, the most imbued with the Divine, for we prostrate ourselves before God, knowing ourselves for the weak individuals we are. One of the many remarkable things I remember about Islam is when, only a short while after my own conversion, I went to travel again in the Desert, and it was so poignant doing Namaz there, with no one around for hundreds of miles: saying the same words, and praying in the same way, as the Prophet Muhammad (salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) had done, over one thousand and forty years ago; for alone, in the Desert, one can feel the closeness of God, of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala – feel how slender is the thread by which we cling to life. One can sense the true Peace that is Jannah (Paradise) and the wonder of Life, of Creation.” (Myatt,

He sees Islam as the only means by which Western decadence can be swept from the world, to make way for a numinous civilisation based on Islam. Myatt sees instead of a Western Imperium leading to Galactic Empire, a world Muslim Civilisation; under a world Khalifate, re-establishing a chivalrous, honourable ethos, where the West cannot. One could be reminded that it was the Islamic civilisation in its “Spring” Cycle that provided the impetus for learning and culture, that brought much to Europe, laid the basis for modern chemistry and mathematics, and provided the basis for the West’s Knightly chivalry which the Crusaders had encountered among their Muslim foes.

While Myatt repudiates many of his previous views his fundamental ethos remains, the ideals of the numinous; of life based on honour and chivalry; a detestation of the ignoble and the cowardly, the hedonistic and materialistic that he continues to see dominating the West in its decline, and of the prospect of a Galactic Empire, all these now possibly being manifested under Islam rather than by calling upon dark astral gods. In a recent interview Myatt explains the position he’s adhered to since his conversion in 1998:

“What I gradually discovered in the years leading toward my reversion to Islam was that the numinous is presenced in Deen Al-Islam, and that it is Deen Al-Islam which today as in the past produces honourable, modest, individuals who possess manners, who respect what is sacred, and who thus are civilized. In addition, who are the honourable warriors of today other than the Mujahideen who fight against often overwhelming odds and who prefer death to dishonour? What kind of community – “society” – would and could Deen Al-Islam create were such honourable warriors to be triumphant? Would they not build a Khilafah led by an Ameer, a Khalifah (a leader) and would this Khilafah not be everything I once dreamed an Imperium might be, and might not this Khilafah be an example to others as the Khilafah in Al-Andulus was to the barbarians of Europe, and might it not, its enemies defeated, reach out toward the stars and so establish a new and Galactic Empire? Thus, as I wrote in an autobiographical essay:

“As for my dream, my life-long vision, of a Galactic Empire – of the exploration and settlement of Outer Space – there was a time, not that long ago, when I came to the conclusion that we human beings were too ignoble, too barbaric, too uncivilized, to do this, and that, if we did undertake such adventures beyond the Earth, we would only be spreading dishonour: spreading our disease of hubris, spreading our destruction of the Numinous. But now – now as I veer toward the sixth decade of my life – I feel that we can avoid such things: that there is a cure for the disease of hubris and of dishonour, and that were we to be cured – and thus return to our natural fitrah – then we could and perhaps should so venture forth, under the banner of Deen Al-Islam.” (Myatt,

On a question regarding the present state of the West, Myatt states:

“The peoples of the West have significantly changed in the last fifty or so years. The England I knew as a youth, fresh from a life in the Far East and Africa – the England my father and my grandfather thought they fought in two World Wars for – has almost disappeared. Manners have been replaced with arrogant selfishness; gentlemanly (and lady-like) self-effacement and modesty has been replaced by loutish behaviour in public and in private; and restraint has given way to decadence, greed and self-indulgence. Honour is almost completely lacking, in public and in private. The West is now the domain of Homo Hubris: of the arrogant, the preening, the dishonourable human being who is intolerant of, or unmindful of, the numinous, which numinous is, in truth, the genesis of honour and of manners and of all the civilizing virtues.” (Myatt, ibid.).

From a cyclic perspective, the question remains as to whether Islam itself passed its own cycle of decline centuries ago, and descended irredeemably into what Spengler (Spengler, 1963, 159-186, Primitives, Culture-Peoples, Fellaheen) called a Fellaheen culture ; that is to say a culture that has expended all its energies, and is not capable of revival. At the very least, what might be said of the present world crisis is that Islam is the only bloc representing Tradition that is consciously in revolt against globalisation.


Myatt David W., The Way of the Lighting & the Sun: A Western Martial Art, The Black Order (ONA), 1972.

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Editorial Note:

While it is generally known and accepted that Moult was involved with the ONA and produced some of their writings and other works, such as “The Sinister Tarot” card deck, he never became a “Grand Master” – having left the group halfway through his training – and neither did he ever, according to my sources, use the pseudonym Anton Long.

David Myatt c. 1989

David Myatt c. 1989

Editorial Note: An updated, and rewritten, version of this article is available at:

Myatt: A Sinister Life


“I, and others like me, are the darkness which is necessary and without which evolution and knowledge are impossible. I am also my own opposite, and yet beyond both. This is not a riddle, but a statement of Mastery, and one which, alas, so few have the ability to understand.” Diablerie: Revelations of a Satanist by Anton Long

“To strive, to dream, to quest, to exceed expectations. To move easily, gracefully,from the Light to the Dark, from Dark to Light, until one exists between yet beyond both, treating them (and yourself) for the imposters they (and you) are.” Anton Long: The Gentleman’s – and Noble Ladies – Brief Guide to The Dark Arts

Previously, I had arrived at the generally accepted conclusion that Myatt was a sinister fanatic, committed to the Dark Path evident in the ONA, and had used violence, terrorism, and political ideas in an attempt to cause chaos, and to subvert and overthrow society in order to bring about some kind of Dark Imperium, or Dark New Order.

This is still – despite some recent reservations, which I shall mention in due course – my own, personal, view regarding Myatt. In respect of Myatt’s conversion to Islam, my considered personal opinion is that Myatt was using radical Islam as a sinister tactic in order to further his clandestine sinister aims, which are of causing chaos and disruption, of inciting violence and terrorism, and of – in a classical act of diabolic blasphemy befitting a Grand Master of The Left Hand Path – championing those causes and people which and who are regarded, in the society of his time, as heretical, and support for which is often illegal, and certainly controversial and dangerous, under conventional laws. Hence, for instance, his championing and propagation of both the National Socialism of Adolf Hitler, and his support for people such as Usama bin Laden. Thus, according to the ONA:

“What is not well understood even among some sinister Initiates, is that the promotion of radical Islam – against the Magian/New World Order/Nazarene ethos that now pervades and which is distorting evolution and ushering in a new tyranny – is akin to a sinister rite which presences certain acausal energies.

Thus, such promotion of and support for things and people considered by the neo-cons to be “evil” – such as bin Laden – is a new Black Mass appropriate to these times of ours. It is now a heresy in “the West”.

The practical participation and encouragement of such things – directly contrary to the current status quo – is thus one valid personal Insight Role (for the really satanic, not the role-players) and a means of presencing genuine sinister energies: one aspect of a new five-dimensional presencing (or act of magick in Old Aeon speak) and thus an act of sinister magick appropriate to these causal times.” Vindex, NS, Islam, Chaos and Magick: Toward A New Heresy (A presentation given at an ONA Sunedrion in Oxford, “around the time of the Spring Solstice 117 yf”.)

Furthermore, according to one of Myatt’s supporters in an interesting essay entitled Questions About David Myatt – An Interview with Richard Stirling, Exoteric Representative of the ONA :

“Myatt is the archetypal Trickster – or to be more exact, the archetypal Mage. That is, he has been following a certain esoteric Way, or Path, which Way he has significantly extended as he has ventured along it, and that his diverse experiences, and roles, have been part of this Promethean quest. This, of course, includes both his role as a fanatical National Socialist, and his role as a radical Islamist, preaching Jihad.

How do you think he [Myatt] will be – or should be – regarded in a hundred years time?

As a genuine Mage – a Grand Master of The Left Hand Path – who has dared to genuinely defy and who has dared to undertake genuine diverse practical experiences and roles, lasting many years. He makes the charlatans – the Laveys, the Aquinos, the Crowleys – look like charlatans.”

In addition, as someone, with perspicacity, commented (August 2005 AD) :

“Myatt may seem to have flitted from one politico-religious philosophy to another, but there is a terrible thread of continuity and rigour through his life and writings that suggests he is much more than a disingenuous provocateur. Naziism and Islamicism have served, in turn, as modalities of disruption for what remains at core an occult working to sow general chaos and division – the necessary passage of “Helter Skelter” to break down the Old Order, before the founding of the New.”

This is, in my view, might well be a correct assessment of Myatt, even given Myatt’s many Islamic effusions, and his many and varied recent mystical effusions, which mystical effusions could possibly be some new emanation of his sinister dialectic, or some new dark jape he is playing, for his own amusement, or that of his colleagues(19). That is, Myatt may have deliberately set out to create yet another new image for himself – this time of a “wise, old, Mage”. This image certainly seems, at the time of writing (2008 AD) to be the one projected by many of Myatt’s recent letters and mystical missives, many of which are reproduced on some websites maintained by both Myatt supporters and Myatt himself, often – and interestingly enough – with the dates omitted. Furthermore, the “founding of the New”, mentioned in the above quote, is – as I have stated above and elsewhere – some kind of neo-nazi society, a Dark Imperium, the creation of which has certainly been Myatt’s primary aim for over thirty years.

However, to be fair, I have to admit that Myatt’ s many personal letters, missives and personal articles – written in the past two and a half years following the suicide of a close friend (20) – have made me wonder if my previous conclusion regarding him and the Occult is still valid. For these intensely personal items – which often concern the need for compassion and empathy – do, or rather, might, seem to indicate that he may have gone some way beyond certain Occult rôles, and creating images for himself, and even beyond the dark sinister path he has probably been following for decades. Certainly, they do seem to indicate a move away from politics and conventional religion (21), as they also seem to represent a further ethical development of his own philosophy, The Numinous Way (22). Thus, it could well be that Myatt has now – possibly as a result of his life-long Occult quest – arrived at the stage represented by the “reclusive, and mystical, empathic and compassionate Mage.”

Yet it is also worth remembering what I wrote in my Biographical Notes about Myatt:

“Let us not forget Myatt, The Master Trickster – for it might well be that his recent mystical effusions are one more jape, of his, or some more diversionary tactics, or even some kind of test, for the loyalty, and honor of others. For I personally find it to be of great interest that one of his Islamist supporters, based in America – himself a convert to Islam who still believes Myatt has never renounced his loyalty to Islam – has openly stated that he believes Myatt is testing people in this way. Add to this the allegations regarding the falsifications of dates on some articles attributed to Myatt, the allegations regarding some articles being incorrectly attributed to Myatt, and the disinformation propagated about Myatt by his enemies, and we surely have to take some care before drawing our own conclusions about the man.”

Thus, it does seem that the final conclusion as to David Myatt’s real intentions and nature, at this moment in time, can only realistically be that each one of us will have to draw our own conclusions based on what little we know and – more interestingly – on what we assume or believe. Our conclusion may say more about us, and our society, than it might say about Myatt himself, and the fact we have to draw our own conclusions may be, as I myself believe, exactly what Myatt himself wishes, as some kind of test for us, and our honor. To quote an apposite verse from his translation of the Agamemnon by Aeschylus – which verse he has appended to several of his letters to me –

As to my own intent:
To those who know, there is a speaking;
To those who do not know, a concealment.

Quoted from David Myatt: A Sinister Life? by Julie Wright

Dark Goddess
The Short-Stories, and Works of Fiction, of David Myatt

Introduction: Pseudonyms

Since I – along with may other people who have written about Myatt or who have studied his life and works – consider that “Anton Long” is one of Myatt’s many pseudonyms, I have commented on some short-stories written by one “Anton Long”.

I have also commented upon some recent stories, such as In The Sky of Dreaming, written by one “Algar Merridge” – which I, and some others, regard as another of Myatt’s pseudonyms.

Short-Stories, Fiction, and Myatt’s Style

In addition to the works mentioned here – which are mostly short-stories – it is my opinion that the novels of the so-called Deofel Quintet, originally published by the ONA, were written by Myatt, sometime between the 1970’s and the late 1980’s. These novels are, in no particular order,

Falcifer: Lord of Darkness
Temple of Satan
The Giving
The Greyling Owl
Breaking The Silence Down

Of these, my personal favorite is The Giving, with its description of ancient rural practices and of the somewhat seedy goings-on of two of the characters, Mallam and Maurice Rhiston.

Ultimately, however, the above mentioned novels are – in my personal opinion – somewhat mundane in style, and neither outstanding nor particularly memorable works of fiction, although they may indeed fulfill at least something of their stated purpose, which was to be “entertaining instructional texts [for Occult Initiates], written in fictional form, designed to be read aloud…” Certainly, two of these novels – Falcifer, and Temple of Satan – deal in an overt way with Satanism, in a manner which some readers may find interesting.

A possible exception, to such mundanity, might be made for Breaking The Silence Down, which is most unusual in that it is written by a man, describing as it does Sapphic relationships, and the sensitivities of some women, rather well. That said, and to be fair, there are several sensitive, perceptive, and quite well-written, passages in some other of these works; consider, for instance, the following, from The Greyling Owl, which describes an entry that one of the characters, Alison, makes in her Diary:

“The corridor was dark – all the rooms were closed and I felt afraid. I
could not bear a repeat of my last visit – the angry words, the tears,
needs that were not fulfilled, things left unsaid. I remember I said:
“It’s better if I never see you again’ – hoping he would plead with me to
stay. He said nothing. I couldn’t resist any more: ‘What shall I do?’ I
cried, catching the lapels of his jacket, tears on them, my tears as I
clung to him, trying to make a bridge. ‘Come on Wednesday’ he struggled to
say. ‘On Wednesday,’ I repeated.

Such a dark corridor, outside. Last time I just stood in the kitchen,
kicking the door and shouting at it: ‘Why do you never understand me!’ Yet
I was back again – I had no pride left. Was this need really love? What
would I say this time? Could I find a way of letting him understand – of
getting through? I knocked on his door. ‘Come in’. The voice was
subdued. He was sitting in his chair I remember as if it was a moment ago.
Dispirited. ‘What is it?’ I wondered if all relationships were like this
– so charged with emotion. ‘Your letter, your letter,’ he struggled to
say. ‘I’ve hurt you,’ I whispered with awe. Then, sitting on his lap, my
head against him, buried. Crying. ‘It’s alright.’ A soft voice, a soft
touch on my face.

It did not last. ‘Are you pleased to see me?’ I asked. ‘About as pleased
as a Mickleman can be.’ Then, the inevitable wandering hand. The moment
gone, and never repeated.”

But, in my view at least, these memorial parts are rather let down by the stories themselves, for it does seem rather hard to care about any of the main characters, with the possible exception of Alison, in The Greyling Owl.

The same general mundanity of style and content rather applies, in my view, to most of Myatt’s other older works and stories, such as the short science-fiction story The Adventures of Hassan and Jorg, although that story is notable for its attempt to depict Jihadi Muslims, living on another planet, as “freedom fighters” battling an evil, and expanding, militaristic “world-empire”. Myatt’s other works – such as the short story, One Connexion – often seem somewhat self-indulgent, in an autobiographical kind of way, and yet again I find it difficult to empathize with, or indeed care about, any of the characters.

Horror Fiction and A New Mythos

It is only in much later, and recent, works – such as the somewhat chilling story Cantaoras: Dark Daughters of Baphomet – that Myatt seems to have found a suitable, original, evocative, and rather sinister voice, and produced stories that are both interesting and intriguing.

In Cantaoras – and the related three stories Jenyah, In The Sky of Dreaming, and Sabirah – Myatt (writing as either Anton Long or Algar Merridge) creates in effect a modern sinister mythos, for these are stories of powerful, dark, extra- dimensional and – interestingly – female sinister entities (or “demons” or Dark Gods), who often have assumed human form (or rather, occupied and taken over human bodies), and who require “the life-force” of human beings in order to sustain themselves in our world. This is a modern, if somewhat disturbing, update of the vampires of legend and conventional horror fiction, with Myatt suggesting not only that these sinister, long-lived female vampires, from the dimensions of the acausal universe, are living amongst us, actively searching for victims, and able to reward whomsoever they choose with the gift of eternal life, but also that it is possible for us to call such sinister entities forth into our own world to bring chaos and disruption and evil.

In one of these stories – In The Sky of Dreaming – Myatt plays games with time itself, suddenly shifting the time and place of the narration as if to suggest, in accord with his theory of causal and acausal and nexions, that certain “acausal entities” (that is, “demons” or Dark Gods) can alter time itself, or at least the time we, as human beings, are familiar, and comfortable, with.

It is these recent, above mentioned, sinister short-stories – and The Dark Trilogy [See End Note (1) ] – that stand out in both the literary, and the Occult, sense, with Myatt using words, and phrases (sometimes repeated) to often successfully evoke a sinister scenario, and to, rather seductively it must be said, glamorize dark, satanic, deeds. Which is something of an achievement, in itself.

Julie Wright
August 2008 AD

(This is somewhat revised, and enlarged, version of some earlier short comments of mine about David Myatt’s fiction, to which I gave the title Concerning David Myatt’s Short-Stories and Works of Fiction.)

End Note:

(1) The Dark Trilogy is described as A Sinister Concerto in Three Movements, and contains three linked short stories, entitled Nythra, Kthunae, and Atazoth.

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Questions About David Myatt and The Order of Nine Angles

April the first seems a fitting time for this interview! What is your opinion regarding Myatt’s aims? Is he a Muslim? Or a Nazi? An Occultist? Or all of them?

To begin, I must make it clear that in talking about Myatt I am presenting here my own views, my own opinions, and that is all. I am not making any kind of “official” comment about Myatt, nor am I speaking for him or on his behalf.

My view regarding the life and work of David Myatt is that Julie Wright’s assessment, given in her essay Myatt: A Sinister Life, is partially correct. This is that Myatt is the archetypal Trickster – or to be more exact, the archetypal Mage. That is, he has been following a certain esoteric Way, or Occult Path, which Way he has significantly extended as he has ventured along it, and that his diverse experiences, and roles, have been part of this Promethean quest. This, of course, includes both his role as a fanatical National Socialist, and his role as a radical Islamist, preaching Jihad.

Where I differ from her assessment is regarding the goal, the aim, that Myatt has pursued. She – like some others who have studied Myatt’s life and works – opines that his aim is Chaos, the destabilization of the present system (The Old Order; the Old Aeon) as a prelude to the creation of something new which she, and some others, suggest is some sort of Dark Imperium, some kind of sinister society, or a National Socialist society or State. But, in my judgment his aim has been threefold. Firstly, to experience, and learn, and from this experience and learning to create, to refine, to move toward personal Wisdom. Second, to lead and guide – through his writings, the images of himself he has created, and his personal teaching – a few individuals along the esoteric Way he has been following, so that they also may experience, and learn, and perchance be inspired to create and develop, to evolve, themselves. Third, to – in esoteric terms – presence certain forces, or energies, and so bring about now and in the future certain causal changes, with some of these changes being disruptive, when viewed in the conventional sense, and most of them being creative in the sense that they provoke, or cause, or can provoke or cause, our evolution, as beings, with some of these changes (and “events”) being a test, or tests, to be overcome, and with some being manifestations, or more correctly, examples, to extend our understanding, and undo our prejudices. A few represent genuine “culling”. There is genuine Wisdom, here, in such things.

Thus – and to confuse those still in thrall to Old Aeon modes – the esoteric is the key to understanding Myatt. But it is an esoteric Way devoid of the conventional labels that many have sought to attach to the Way he has been following, for he has gone far beyond these labels, so far, in truth, that he created a new Way, imbued with the very essence of the acausal. The conventional labels, such as “the satanic” – applied by journalists and those who still have to think, and be, in such outmoded terms and ways – have been transcended. They are no longer necessary, nor can they correctly describe what-is.

The Way is highly individualistic – that is anarchic, in the correct sense of that term – in that it seeks to create, and develop unique individuals who are no longer in thrall to their own desires, their own unconscious, no longer in thrall to archetypes, or to ideas, forms, and abstractions, past and present, and who know governments, of whatever so called political persuasion, and nation-States, for the impersonal inhuman, anti-evolutionary, unfree, tyrannies they are or will become.

In the process of his quest, Myatt has made conscious – explicated in a rational way – those things which make us human and which possess the potential to evolve us further, and such evolution, of the individual, is the essence of his Way. That is, he has returned genuine freedom to us, explaining that real freedom involves us being responsible for ourselves, and having not only the resourcefulness, the intelligence, to survive, but also the vision – the empathy – which is the beginning of genuine personal honor and the essence of our very humanity. This arises from practical experience – from the practical synthesis of opposites.

Naturally, those tied to the Old Aeon ways of thinking, and of being, will assume or believe there is a dichotomy here. But, of course, they are incorrect – because the very terms of their thinking are flawed. In the same way, one might argue – with justification – that the ONA is, and is not, a Sinister organization, and is, and is not, an Order.

Thus, Myatt has championed Islam – and especially Jihad – to counter-balance the hubris, the tyranny, of the modern West with its inhuman abstractions, its hypocrisy, its State-sanctioned terror, its nation-States, its plebeian materialistic dishonorable un-numinous ethos, sensing or knowing the threat that radical poses to this tyrannical, almost world-embracing, but most certainly anti-evolutionary, order. Thus, he has championed National Socialism over and above the insipid so called liberal democracy which festers in the body-politic of the West, which liberal democracy is undoing the work of Nature and championing the common, the plebeian, as opposed to the best, as opposed to excellence. Thus, he has championed an esoteric Way which is dark, sinister, dangerous and practical and which requires self-discipline, to counter the mumblings of the wishy-washy white-light wiccan-type phantasists, and to counter the fake Satanists. Thus, he has championed the ethic of personal honor – of the duel – to balance the insistence by our tyrannical States that their impersonal laws and their bullying Police forces are “the law” and represent “true justice”. Thus, he has championed the empathy of The Numinous Way to counter-balance the subsuming ethos of material progress and world-wide destructive capitalist development. And so on, et cetera. This is a genuine Mage, at work, and at play.

But isn’t Islam – with its multi-racialism – opposed to the idea of race, of the folk, that National Socialism asserts, and hasn’t this championing of Islam, by Myatt, upset many of his NS supporters to the extent that they have called him a traitor?

What we have to consider here are three things. First, the long term view, and second, the truth that we no longer need the old nation-States, and should not cling on to them. Rather, we should welcome their passing, their ending, and prepare for, and enable, what can arise from this ending, this passing. Third, those who uphold and believe in the concept of race, of the folk, should ask themselves – are the majority of their race, their folk, as they now are, worth saving, fighting for, dying for, spending time in prison for? Or should they instead be thinking about quality, not quantity; about values, inner qualities, not outer appearance?

The long term view is that of the next hundred, two hundred years, the next thousand years. It is my opinion that for those who uphold and believe in the concept of race, of the folk, Reichsfolk – and orgainzations like it or inspired by it – have the correct perspective and understanding, working as they are slowly, to preserve what is valuable and ready as they are to forget about what is not valuable, such as artificial national borders and the Old Aeon idea of a nation-State.

What is needed – as Reichsfolk, following Myatt, suggests – is an inner revolution, a revolution of values, toward honor, empathy and genuine freedom, and then an outer revolution, new communities, of those who are already honorable and aware. For a folk to survive, prosper, and be the genesis of future evolution toward the stars, we do not need vast numbers – only the best, and around one hundred thousand people of the same folk, or even less. Thus, those who talk, write, about the doom of the “White” race are just talking nonsense. It is honorable Aryans that they require; small folk communities, more correctly, tribes, of around twenty or thirty thousand or much less; not vast nations of millions. It is such tribes which are the future.

Also, I do not believe Myatt cares what other people think or say or write about him – he goes his own way, as individualistic geniuses do. He has championed Islam, in my view, for good reasons – to continue to do practical battle with the real enemy, with those anti-evolutionary forces which all genuine esoteric seekers are opposed to, whether they consciously understand this or not. Who knows whether he will continue that role? If he deems it necessary, he will; otherwise, he will not.

I have noticed many attempts, recently, to debunk Myatt and his work; to call into question his experiences; his writings; his talents. For instance, some people are questioning whether he really did write some Greek translations; or, if he did, did he just plagiarize them. Some people have gone so far as to suggest that Myatt may not even know Greek, is a self-publicist, was never a monk or that he has some kind of vivid phantasy life, and lives in a phantasy world of his own. What is your opinion?

I do believe some people are envious, and even jealous. Some are just petty, probably vindictive, individuals who for a moment or so may get some sense of actually living – of being alive – by making such claims about someone they do not know. Others, quite simply, are arrogant vain buffoons puffed up with their own self-importance.

Some of those saying, writing, such things or making such claims about Myatt have a hidden agenda – often a political one. That is, they are opposed to either what they regard or assume are his political views or his religious, Islamist, views. Some people with their own agenda have also been trying to discredit Myatt for years. As for me, I feel that he will be more highly regarded, and correctly understood, in future decades; that it will take fifty or possibly even a hundred years or so for his life and works to be fully understood and appreciated, esoterically and exoterically.

Often, those making such claims about him have rushed to pen forth, or speak forth, their views, their opinions, based on little knowledge, little research, and often such people are dishonorable anyway, so their opinions such as they are are worthless, the mere babbling of barbarians. How many of those who make such comments have read all his works? His poetry, for instance; his Greek translations; his private letters; his early and later NS writings; his writings about The Numinous Way, and so on. The Internet has many things to answer for, since it enables the gushing forth of immediate often prejudiced opinions which can be read by other gushers, world-wide, as it enables the transmission of personal prejudice and ill informed opinion. In this sense, it can stifle real critical thinking; stifle the judgment that slowly arises from self experience and self insight. It enables the worst type of sleazy, tabloid journalism and can make anyone into a sleazy dishonorable journalist.

We can expect much more character assassination, of Myatt, by such people, but there will always be a few who will take the trouble to discover stuff for themselves; a few who will actually think for themselves and who will not immediately form some opinion based on little knowledge or based on someone else’s prejudiced views.

How do you think he will be – or should be – regarded in a hundred years time?

As a genuine Mage – a GrandMaster of the Left Hand Path – who has dared to genuinely defy and who has dared to undertake genuine diverse practical experiences and rôles, lasting many years. He makes the charlatans – the Laveys, the Aquinos, the Crowleys – look like charlatans.

For instance, what did Crowley actually do, apart from pose, indulge himself and manufacture a bastard system based firmly on Old Aeon abstractions, on dead archetypal forms, and on the Magian teachings and Magian ideas of the Golden Dawn? What did Lavey actually do, apart from pose, indulge himself and manufacture a bastard system based firmly on Old Aeon abstractions, on dead archetypal forms, and on the Magian system of “demonology”? The same applies to people such as Aquino.

In contrast, Myatt’s life has been one of practical adventure, of practical involvement, of practical going to extremes, both “Light and Dark”; of real danger; of creating a very practical system, a Way, which works and which is devoid of mystification; of taking our conscious and esoteric understanding into new realms.

Can we talk about the origin of the term the Order of Nine Angles? Was that taken from another, pre-existing, American based, group, as some people have surmised and claimed?

Not to my knowledge. According to my sources, the term was taken from a medieval alchemical manuscript, written in Arabic, and entitled Al-Kitab al-Aflak. What many of those involved with esoteric matters outside the ONA do not know is that many of the Arab alchemists, from whom many of the Western alchemists learned their trade or gained their knowledge from, considered there were nine emanations, or angles, and that there were different forms of Time – azal and dhar and zamal – for example. Myatt studied such matters, and developed, extended, these ideas, and gave them a modern slant. Hence causal, acausal, nine angles, and so on.

But heck, I have now given away another secret or two!

Are you then saying that Myatt is Anton Long?

To paraphrase someone else, I did not say anything then, and I am not saying anything now. Or, as someone else, in a similar Time and Space, also said – The truth points to itself. To paraphrase Julie Wright, we all must make our own assessment of the man, based on what we know, what we might find, what we believe, or based on our own prejudice and pre-existing opinions. But I will just add that if we do seek, we must expect him to have manufactured various leads, or scattered various pieces of information around, to tease, to divert, to lead astray, and perchance to lead, finally, to the truth, whatever that is. Along the way there may be laughter, or perplexity, or more prejudice – or maybe, for a few, a genuine insight leading them to discover more about themselves, and this world, and the Cosmos itself, and thus emerge as fully-fledged human individuals who have the insight, the ability, to be truly free. Which is one of the primary aims of genuine esoteric Orders. Q.E.D., as they say.

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Richard Stirling
April, 117yf
(Updated April 119 yf)