David Myatt, 1993, Spain

David Myatt, 1993, Spain

One of the fundamental themes of both David Myatt’s early and later National Socialist writings (1) and of many of his other non-political writings, is his vision of a Galactic Imperium. According to what we might call Myatt’s radical and esoteric millennial philosophy, crucial to the creation of this Imperium is the revolutionary leader he called Vindex. This revolutionary leader would, according to Myatt’s early political writings, be Adolf Hitler’s successor, and would lead his, or her, (2) forces against what Myatt euphemistically calls The Magian (3).

The Galactic Imperium is, for Myatt, fundamentally the exploration and settlement of Outer Space – the Final Frontier – by a new breed of warrior clans, and it is this Imperium which will, according to Myatt, provide us with the opportunities and the challenges we need to evolve, as human beings, and to create new societies where genuine, individual, freedom, and honor, are the norm.

It would be a mistake, however, to conclude that Myatt envisages – or envisioned – hordes of neo-Nazi stormtroopers marauding around the Galaxy and invading other planets. Rather, Myatt initially saw Hitler’s National Socialist Germany and indeed National Socialism itself, as only a prelude, and while in his earlier NS writings he eulogized both Hitler and National Socialism in general, in his later Reichsfolk writings he pointed out some of the flaws of early, German, National Socialism, and came to believe that Hitler had made some fundamental tactical mistakes.

” One mistake was to initiate a war, and to seek new living-space in already occupied lands. Of course, war against NS Germany was inevitable – just like the recent war against Iraq was inevitable. In the case of Iraq the cabal spent over ten years – from the time of the Gulf War – trying to starve the people into submission, and destroying the defensive capability of the Iraqi defence forces.

But Germany should have waited, and most certainly not launched offensives in other countries. The cabal would then have to had resorted to invading Germany, which would have taken perhaps a few more years to organize, giving NS Germany more time to create a genuine NS society, and prepare to defend Germany. More alliances should have been saught, and NS exported as a revolutionary creed. Had the cabal invaded Germany, they would have been on dubious moral ground, and effective resistance could have been undertaken against the occupying forces.

The effort that went into the war should have been directed toward building a stronger Germany, and showing, by example, that NS worked. In addition, scientific research should have been undertaken into spacecraft.

But this, of course, is hindsight. What happened, happened. We have to learn the lessons. One lesson is to evolve NS itself – which has been done, based upon the ideal of honor and the vision of a Galactic Empire or Federation, created by a NS homeland which seeks allies among the various peoples and cultures of Earth on the basis of honor and mutual respect. ” ONA: Aeonic Notes IX, dated 114yf

In respect of the flaws of what Myatt called early German National-Socialism, Myatt in his second (4) seminal text about Vindex, entitled The Mythos of Vindex, writes that:

” One error was in adhering to and striving to apply the un-ethical, and un-numinous, principle of eternal struggle, or what is now commonly, vulgarly, and rather incorrectly called the survival of the fittest. This was an error because we have now, as I have mentioned many times in various writings, reached the stage of not only being able to consciously, rationally, understand the processes of change and evolution as they apply to us, as human beings, but also of using our understanding and our abilities of will and empathy to change ourselves for the better in an ethical way. That is, we have passed a threshold in our human evolution, and so can make conscious, informed and ethical choices – for we are not just thinking, talking, animals in thrall to our emotions, desires, and external forces, but moral beings possessed of the ability to consciously evolve ourselves by striving to adhere to certain ethical guidelines. Or, expressed in a simplistic and cliched way, we can and indeed should learn from our own history and from our mistakes.

In practical terms, this error led to invasion and occupation of other lands, as it led to the desire to seek lebensraum in lands already inhabited and settled by others.”

As Myatt explained, the new Galactic Imperium would be quite different from previous Empires:

” The Imperium which Vindex will create will be different from previous Empires because it will be a conscious creation: the result of a reasoned, honourable, civilized, approach: that is, it will be based upon honor, and will be the result of the esoteric understanding we have achieved over hundreds, indeed thousands, of years.

This means it will not impose itself by force of arms upon others. Rather, it means it will be composed of thinking warriors who uphold honor and who prefer combat to dishonourable modern war. In particular, it means a federation of countries, or nations, who co-operate together in the pursuit of a numinous goal: not an Empire in the old sense of domination and conquest and occupation.

The old type of Empire belongs in the past: it is unsuitable for an honourable, rational, people. Furthermore, the old type of Empire is founded upon a basic error.
The basic mistake is to believe that war can solve problems or be of benefit. Thus to have war as a political policy is stupid. This mistake about war arises from two things: (1) a lack of perspective, and thus a viewing of events in current rather than historical terms; (2) failing to act in accord with the ethics of honor.
Every old type of Empire has a time of glory; as it has to maintain itself by occupation, war, and repression. Every such Empire declines, and is then destroyed. Sometimes an Empire may last a few decades; sometimes a century or more. Rarely, a few centuries. After the destruction of the Empire, there follows a period of chaos, of barbarism, of regression, with only a few positive attributes of the Empire remaining: some stories of glory, perhaps; or some literature; some monuments, or some technological or scientific achievement. But a great deal is lost.
What applies to an Empire applies to the results of terrestrial wars – such as the occupation of a foreign country after victory in a war or after an invasion. Such occupation may well last for a while: a few years; a decade; several decades. But it will inevitably end, through either a successful uprising (often after several failed attempts) or through the withdrawal of the occupiers, for military, economic, or political reasons, and while some elements of the occupying forces may remain (in terms of their culture, ideas, and so on), a great deal is lost. In the meantime, thousands upon thousands of people have been injured, killed, repressed or dishonourably confined in prisons. Furthermore, it is the honourable right and duty of those under occupation to resist, using lethal force – and to try and take away this right and duty, by making it “illegal”, as all occupying forces do, is dishonourable in itself, the act of the bully, the tyrant. It is also the right of individuals to possess weapons, and one of the many dishonourable things an army of occupation does is make possession of weapons illegal.

This old imperial process is incredibly wasteful, and stupid, because the positive, evolutionary, civilized, changes which Empires sometimes bring can be achieved in not only less wasteful ways but also in ways which can ensure much greater, and longer lasting, evolutionary change.

In brief, imperial conquest and colonialism are short-term solutions: in Aeonic terms – in the timescale of civilizations and Aeons – they are failures, detrimental to the long-term evolution that is required.

In terms of acquiring new living-space – often used as an argument in favour of Empires and conquest and colonialism – the honourable, futuristic solution is the colonization of Outer Space.

In terms of war, the new Imperium – or Stellar Federation or Cosmic Federation or Cosmic Reich or whatever we want to call it – would use force only as a last means of self-defence of its own territory or homeland, or when there needs to be an honourable combat between it and its enemies.

In addition, it needs to be understood that modern warfare is for the most part dishonourable, employing as it does cowardly methods – such as aerial bombing – which an honourable warrior would refuse to use, condone, or accept. The warriors of the new Imperium, the troops of Vindex, will seek honourable combat, a fair fight, rather than impersonal war. Honourable combat means personal fighting between groups of warriors, or armies. It means an end to the dishonour which has blighted armies for hundreds of years. It means a return to civilized treatment of captured or surrendering soldiers – allowing them to retain their honor, and go free. It means a conscious decision – based upon honor – to do only that which is honourable, and which befits an honourable warrior.” ONA: Aeonic Notes IX, dated 114yf

National Socialism, Clans, and the Imperium of Vindex

Initially, from the 1970’s to the early 1990’s, Myatt considered his Galactic Imperium would be based if not upon National Socialism itself, then upon an updated version of it; an updated version which he himself assiduously created over a period of some ten years, culminating in his “ethical non-racist National-Socialism” and in his Reichsfolk organization. However, as, in the late 1990’s and the early part of the twenty-first century, he developed this new ethical philosophy – which he first called The Numinous Way of Folk Culture and then simply called The Numinous Way – he moved away from the concept of a strong, united, nation-State which was central to early, German, National-Socialism, even going so far as to describe the State, in The Mythos of Vindex, as “an unethical abstraction that is a great cause of suffering and nullifier of the ethical and numinous principle of personal honour.”

In place of the nation-State, he advocated, in his alter writings, “small, rural, communities, which co-operate with, and which trade with, other local communities for their own mutual benefit. That is, a return to what is human; to the human-scale-of-things, and a moving-forward to a simple, ethical, letting-be based upon personal honour,” (5) and the formation of new clans, or tribes, which, in essays such as The Clan, Culture, and The Numinous Way and The Mythos of Vindex, he described as the basis for a new type of communities and culture, the basis for a new, more evolved, more human, type of society.

In addition, as he further developed his own ethical philosophy of The Numinous Way, he also moved away from the concept of both race and “the folk” as the basis for, or even as a part of, his philosophy, or Way of Life as he mostly described it. Hence, he wrote that:

” Race, the causal concept of the folk, bound as that concept of the folk is by a certain racial exclusivity – and all that derives from such things (such as racism, racialism, racial prejudice, and nationalism) – have no place in The Numinous Way…

A clan is a basis for individuals to live in a numinous way, in harmony with themselves, with Nature, and with the Cosmos. The clan is basically just a large extended family, where the individuals are personally known to each other and/or related to each other by family ties, such as marriage. What distinguishes a clan is this personal knowing, these personal, direct, living, relationships – and a certain honourable loyalty, a certain “clannishness”, based on this personal knowing and this personal loyalty.

Thus, the clan is living: growing, changing, evolving; and it is not tied to or dependant upon any static, causal, un-numinous abstraction such as “race”. It is a coming-into-being, and the criteria for “membership”, if you will, is not determined by some causal abstraction, such as perceived (outward) ethnicity, but by personal interaction, a personal knowing, based on personal (individual) character.

Furthermore, the clan is the basis for establishing new, numinous, communities based on The Numinous Way itself. That is, new clans can express, manifest, presence, the numinous itself by the members of such new clans living according to the numinous principles of empathy, compassion and personal honor. They are thus nexions, regions where numinous law, based upon honor, can be established, to the benefit of the individuals of such new communities.” Questions About Race, The Folk, and The Numinous Way

Thus, Myatt no longer saw his Galactic Imperium in either political or racial terms, but developed an entirely new and ethical philosophy – his Numinous Way – as its basis.

Since this Numinous Way disdained the modern nation-State and its vast, capitalist based industries – and championed new and small communities based on new tribes – one might wonder how such tribes might develope the type of technology needed for Space exploration. Myatt, however, had an answer to this – acausal technology, based on his own concept of acausal Space, acausal Time, and acausal energy. He wrote that:

” The Numinous Way considers that it is such new cultures which can aid the evolution of the individual, establishing – over a certain amount of causal Time – a more evolved, more cultured, more empathic, more compassionate, more honourable, human species. Such cultures, and their clan-communities, are, or rather should be, the genesis for the next stage of our human evolution, where we leave this planet, which is currently our home, and so live and evolve and diversify among the stars of this and other Galaxies.

However, given that such numinous cultures are small – and may often be rural in nature – how can this Galactic, extra-terrestrial, development be achieved, especially since a numinous culture would most certainly not involve large national or supra-national industries, as it would not be reliant upon the usury, and the supra-national trade and commerce, which all modern States and nations depend upon?

It could and should be achieved by means of the development of a new acausal science, and the development of a new type of technology, based on acausal energy. For a numinous culture – and all empathic human beings – are, both in principle and in practice, opposed to the exploitation of the Earth, and the exploitation of the living beings of the Earth, which exploitation is inseparable from capitalism and the modern industries, and technologies, deriving from, and dependant, upon such capitalism, on such supra-national commerce, and on other causal un-numinous abstractions.

The basis for the new acausal technology is the science of causal and acausal, of the apprehension of acausal energy emanating from the acausal universe by means of living nexions.” The Clan, Culture, and The Numinous Way

He expounded upon this concept of a new acausal science, based on acausal energy, in his essay Acausal Science: Life and The Nature of the Acausal and in his work The Physics of Acausal Energy.

Vindex and Revolution

Despite both his move from, first, the old style National Socialism of Hitler’s Germany to his own ethical Reichsfolk type of National-Socialism, and then, later on, to the development of his own The Numinous Way philosophy as the new basis for his new Imperium, Myatt has never wavered from his belief that what he calls The Old Order needs to be and should be undermined and destroyed by practical revolutionary means, by armed force.

Indeed, Myatt makes it quite clear in his Mythos of Vindex that he believes that the Galactic Imperium will never be more than a dream unless “the current tyrannical Magian order – the abode of Homo Hubris and exemplified by the new ignoble arrogant Amerikan empire and the Police-States of the West (of which modern Britain is a prime example) – is confronted, undermined, and destroyed by armed force, ideological subversion and by the numinosity of a new mythos… This is the supreme and severe challenge before us in these dire and ignoble times, and an opportunity which will not arise again, for were we to fail, then our further evolution as a species is doubtful.”

Myatt considers Vindex as not only a manifestation of the new, warrior, clan-based ethos of Imperium, but also as the pivotal character in the armed confrontation with the Old Order – the person who inspires others to take up arms, and who, possibly initially as a modern type of outlaw, achieves success after success against them, using and developing tactics which nullify the advantages the Old Order possesses in terms of military superiority, weaponry, and wealth.

The ONA and the Vindex Mythos

The Occult group The Order of Nine Angles – which many people consider Myatt founded, led and still leads, using the pseudonym Anton Long – can be considered as one means of spreading not only Myatt’s Vindex mythos, but of practically seeking to bring about, and aid, the Galactic Imperium. That is, Myatt conceived, created and implemented the ONA to achieve certain goals, one of which was and is to counter the Magian ethos and another of which was to train individuals and send them out, into the world, to undermine and disrupt the status quo as a prelude to the practical revolution Myatt has always regarded as necessary for the destruction of the Old Order and the emergence of a new order based upon his law of personal honor.

In addition, one of the stated aims of the ONA was to breed a new type of individual and new types of tribes:

” The sinister tribes of the ONA – what they are now; what they are becoming; and what they will-be – are that presencing of acausal energy which will fundamentally and irretrievably change our world, and which will manifest, and bring-into-being, an entirely new, more evolved, type of human being and entirely new types of human communities, preludes as these are to us leaving this planet which has for so long been our childhood home and to seeding ourselves among the stars of the Galaxies of the Cosmos. ” The Sinister Tribes of the ONA, dated 120 Year of Fayen

Importantly, the basis for these new tribes is what the ONA calls The Law of the New Aeon, and, unsurprisingly, this Law is Myatt’s law of personal honor, the basis for his Galactic Imperium.

Conclusion: The Quest for Vindex

It is my considered view that Myatt’s primary aim, throughout his entire adult life, has been to find, develope and use means to bring about his vision of a Galactic Imperium. All his various endeavors and involvements – from National Socialism, to the ONA, to his philosophy of The Numinous Way, to his involvement with radical Islam – are all part of this. They are all means to explain, to propagate, to try and implement – through, for example, destabilizing the status quo, confronting the Magian, and agitating for revolution – his Vindex mythos and this vision of a Galactic Imperium.

He has been almost fanatically single-minded in his pursuit of this vision, and, at times, quite ruthless. He has also been exceptionally pragmatic – using whatever means, whatever ideology, whatever tactics, that might help him undermine and confront what he calls “the tyranny of the Magian manifest in the dishonourable Amerikan empire of Homo Hubris.” (6) These tactics have included racist violence, racist and Islamic terrorism, Nazi politics, and using the ONA as a means of subversion and radical change.

Myatt has also been consistent, for over four decades, in upholding and propagating the principle of personal honor, which he wove into his NS writings, which he made one of the foundations of his philosophy of The Numinous Way, and which he made the basis for both the clans of Vindex and the tribes of the ONA.

In addition, he has also expounded at some length (7) on what he calls the new science of acausal energy, which energy he sees as the most viable means of developing the new acausal (i.e. the organic) technology of living machines capable of taking us out among the stars of our Galaxy.

In conclusion, therefore, there is, in my view, a rigorous consistently to Myatt’s life, writings and involvements, which his many, and vocal, detractors have overlooked. Myatt has also undertaken, it seems, something of personal, interior, spiritual, quest – leaving behind the racism of National Socialism (and, now, apparently according to some rumors, also radical Islam) to develope his own, unique and ethical, philosophy, that of The Numinous Way, based on the principles of empathy, compassion, and personal honor; which philosophy he now regards as the way of life appropriate to and for the new type of human beings who, he envisages will explore and settle the planets around the star systems of our Galaxy.

Julie Wright,
June 2009 AD


(1) Myatt’s early writings about National Socialism – with the notable and important exception of his Vindex: The Destiny of The West published in 1984 – are clearly distinct from his later NS writings. Those early works, written before 1998, were often polemical and sometimes overtly racist. His later NS works, in which he developed what he called the “ethical National-Socialism” of his Reichsfolk organization, were decidedly non-racist. These later works include: (1) The Theology of National-Socialism; (2) The Complete Guide to the Aryan Way of Life; (3) Why National-Socialism is Not Racist; and (4) The Meaning of National-Socialism (Third Edition, 115yf). Around 1999, Myatt revised several of his earlier works in order, as he stated at the time, to remove those aspects incompatible with the ethical principles of honor, as defined by him in several of these later works, including The Code of Honour, given in his The Complete Guide to the Aryan Way of Life, a code he later made minor revisions to for its inclusion in the Reichsfolk publication Ethical National-Socialism: A Collection of Essays, issued in 2009.

(2) Although in his earlier works – including his Vindex: The Destiny of The West – Myatt described Vindex as a male warrior, in many of his later writings he intriguingly stated that Vindex could be either a man or a woman, and might not arise in the West itself:

” Vindex is the generic name for that revolutionary noble warrior who leads the practical fight against the Magian and their allies, manifest as the Magian are now in so-called mis-named New World Order whose twin centres of power (both ideological and practical) are in Amerika and the Zionist entity that occupies Palestine. Vindex thus prepares the way for the Galactic Imperium, whose practical beginnings lie in the establishment of new communities, based around new tribes whose only law is that of Personal Honour. Vindex (who may be male or female) is the embodiment of The Law of the New Aeon of the Imperium, which is personal honor, and who, with his or her victorious warriors, establishes an entirely new type of culture…

Used as the name of an individual, Vindex means “The Avenger”, and while it is traditionally (and semantically) regarded as a male name, with the Anglicized feminine form being Vengerisse, Vindex is now often used to refer to either the man or the woman who is or who becomes this revolutionary warrior leader…

While it is probable that Vindex will arise from one of the nations of the West (which includes Russia, the United States and the lands formerly referred to as Eastern Europe) – and be of Caucasian (European) ethnicity – it is also possible that he or she could arise elsewhere in the world, and be of mixed, or of any, ethnicity. For what is fundamental to Vindex is that he or she is a charismatic and revolutionary leader who inspires absolute loyalty; that he or she fights, in a practical way through force of arms, the forces of the Old Order, manifest in the power of the Magian; and that he or she triumphs in the final battle, enabling the establishment of new communities free from the now broken and discarded and tyrannical Magian ethos…” The Mythos of Vindex

(3) By Magian, Myatt – following Yockey – means both “the Zionists and their allies, such as Amerika”, and what he, in his Mythos of Vindex, calls the “un-numinous and materialistic crypto-marxian ethos, and its decadent and capitalistic culture, which has emasculated and controlled the individual, done away with excellence based on nobility, replaced the law of the warrior – which is personal honor – with the abstract life-less law of tyrannical States, and whose servants and lackeys are hypocritical new barbarians lacking in manners who have de-evolved to become almost a new human species, Homo Hubris.”

(4) His first work on the subject being Vindex: The Destiny of The West

(5) A Numinous Future – Beyond The Abstractions of The State and The Nation

(6)The Mythos of Vindex

(7) See, for example, his essay Acausal Science: Life and The Nature of the Acausal and his, currently still unpublished, work The Physics of Acausal Energy.

An ONA Sigil

“The ONA… is definitively an experimental means by [David] Myatt to use our (humanity’s) belief in forms to induce certain qualities that he felt were necessary for achieving his dream of Homo Galactica.

I have stated before that Satanism was chosen by Myatt deliberately: because to combat something so tyrannically massive and oppressive as the Magian Empire requires the adoption of an equally powerful supremely arrogant persona to give the illusion that such an empire can be destroyed: thus a Mythos was begun, which became a culture, and which culture is becoming a reality. Not, as some would have it, a Temple of black-clad Devil Worshippers in denial on the moors of Shropshire, but in a dis-connected unification of a new consciousness that requires none of these trappings: whereby I mean trappings literally, the forms of ONA being the concerted efforts of Myatt to manipulate the clay afforded to him into beholding his vision, as “his” vision. Where “his” becomes the loosening of Myatt’s culpability and responsibility from individual ownership issuing from his mortal shell with the diminishing importance of the location of his will (a life-centred nexion, not a human-centred one) and the emergence of the supra-personal personfication that some may equate fairly with the voice of a Dark God…”

Extract from an essay entitled “Them, Magic and the Individual in Context”, circulated by the Australian esoteric group Temple of Them.

David Myatt c. 1989

David Myatt c. 1989


The Numinous Cyclic Theory of David Myatt

by Kerry Bolton

British esotericist and now convert to Islam, David Myatt, formulated a cyclic theory called Aeonics. This merits individual attention as Aeonics provides another perspective on history from a specifically spiritual standpoint. Myatt’s Aeonics, as the term makes obvious, is based on cycles as “aeons” or Ages, each with its own numinous or spiritual character and stemming from what Myatt terms the acausal, the supra-natural acting upon the causal or physical world.

Myatt himself ascribes the foundations of Aeonics to both Spengler and Toynbee, (Myatt, 1984, 1-3) the latter providing the paradigm of civilisations as arising from challenges. Myatt’s own concern for much of his life has been the overcoming of the Western cycle of decline, that it might fulfil what he considered its destiny. While Toynbee states that Civilisations end in a last hurrah of world-empire, Myatt adds Spengler’s Faustian challenge, stating that the destiny of the Western Civilisation is that of Galactic Empire. Spengler’s definition of the Western cultural ethos as Faustian meant that the West’s own unique culture-soul is based on an unquenchable reach for infinity and exploration, unfolding all the secrets of nature. This Faustian ethos is manifested as the cultural soul in all the elements of the West in its cycles of becoming. Hence the distance and perspective of the art of Rembrandt and the feelings of infinity conjured by the outreach of the Gothic spire. (Myatt, 1984, The West, 3).

Myatt goes beyond this seeing the space ship, space exploration and ultimately galactic settlement and Galactic empire as the logical ultimate expression of the Faustian soul. (Myatt, 1984, The Faustian Spirit, 6). Myatt succinctly states: “If we need a symbol to represent our Western civilisation – to express its quintessence – it is the spacecraft.” (Myatt, ibid. 7.).The Western Civilisation would be superseded by a Galactic Civilisation just as the Roman Civilisation had superseded the Greek, and the Western the Roman.

This Western destiny Myatt explained in the opening paragraphs to Vindex referring to Toynbee in defining civilisations: “Acceding to Toynbee, a civilisation arises from either a physical or a social challenge – that is, civilisation is man’s successful response to a particular geographical or social challenge.” He gives as an e.g. the Egyptian civilisation as arising from the challenge of the Nile River Valley. Each civilisation declines and produces what Toynbee calls a “Universal State, usually an empire which lasts generally for a 400 year cycle. (Myatt, 1984, 1).

Myatt’s 1984 book was directed to those working on a causal, political level. Esoterically, Aeons could be influenced by those working magickally, adepts who had reached a level of consciousness to utilise the theory of Aeonics to work consciously to intervene in the cycles of history by opening the causal to acausal energies, or what are called the “dark gods”. Hitherto civilisations had arisen unconsciously, and man had been subject to the laws of cyclicity without being aware of the forces that were controlling him. Now through Aeonics and the conscious Aeonic magick directed by occult adepts, the cyclic laws could be consciously directed. Western Civilisation would go through its final cycle, but this would be the prelude to a new civilisation, the Galactic empire, extending the West’s Faustian scientific impulse.

In order for this destiny to unfold, those conscious of this cultural destiny would have to actively work for it both esoterically and exoterically. Myatt was therefore involved in formulating a system of occultism via the Order of Nine Angles (ONA), the primary magickal purpose being to open what Myatt called “nexions”, the meaning of which can be readily deduced from the word: a nexus or star-gate between the acausal and the casual worlds. The ONA had a unique pantheon of dark gods and goddesses relating to the opening of star gates through which acausal energies would be manifested on earth. A large corpus of occult literature was formulated by the ONA, indicating Myatt’s depth of occult knowledge.

Myatt explained the cyclic interregnum during which adepts could work to herald the next civilisation:

“Regarding Aeons, two important facts should be borne in mind. First the last five hundred years or so of an Aeon show a marked decline in the magickal energy associated with it, and it is during this time that the energies of the next Aeon gradually become evident (at first usually only to Adepts) these energies may be increased (or decreased) by Aeonic magick worked by those who understand the forces involved. Second, each Aeon is associated with what is called a ‘higher civilisation’ from which the Aeon usually takes its name. Within the physical confines of this higher civilisation is the (usually sacred) place where the magickal energies of the Aeon are pronounced – and this because such a place is usually a physical Gate where the causal and the acausal meet. For instance, the centre associated with the Hyperborean Aeon was Stonehenge; that of the Hellenic, Delphi. ” (Myatt aka Thorold West, 1989, Naos, The Septenary System).

In explaining terms, Myatt defines a Star-Gate or nexion as “a nexus between the acausal and the causal.” These star-gates are in the ONA Tradition “the regions of space near the stars Algol, Dabih, and Naos” and they are said to be actual physical gates, not simply metaphors. (Myatt, Naos, Notes on Esoteric Tradition).

The Adept opens a nexion within the psyche by following the “seven fold way” of the ONA, a grade system that tests the physical endurance of the aspirant as much as the mental and psychological. (Myatt, Naos, Part One: Physis Magick).

In defining the causal and the acausal, Myatt states that “the causal is the ‘physical universe”, described by three dimensional and linear time. The acausal is the universe described by “an unspecified number of spatial dimensions and by non-linear time.” Life is a manifestation of the acausal within the causal. It is in the psyche where the two universes coincide, and where the individual might become part of the acausal by opening a nexion. Archetypes are a manifestation of this. As this relates to Aeons, Myatt explains:

“An Aeon is a particular ordering of the causal on Earth which is manifest as a civilisation – i.e. an increasing of the acausal, usually at a specified place/area for a specified period of (linear) time). Magick is the presencing of the acausal in the causal.” (Myatt, Naos, Acausal/Causal).

These fundamentals of Aeonics and Aeonic magick were articulated and refined over a number of MSS some by Myatt, others by his protégé and successor as ONA Grand Master Richard Moult, a talented artist and musician, both often writing under the generic pseudonym Anton Long. [See Editorial Footnote below.]

Myatt himself has had a long spiritual odyssey, somewhat reminiscent of the legend of Doctor Faustus himself, a never-ending quest for knowledge.

In 1998 Myatt converted to Islam and identifies with the militant manifestations of the Muslim world. Like Ungern-Sternberg, who is considered below, who converted to a militaristic Buddhism as his answer to Bolshevism and Western decadence in the aftermath of World War I, Myatt became a Muslim as his answer to the West’s spiritual void and break with Tradition. He now sees the West as irredeemably lost and not capable of emerging from its cycle of decline. Myatt, now known as Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt, relates something of this spiritual odyssey in a recent interview:

What it is about this faith, rather than all of the others, that has gripped you? What is it about Islamic culture, law and the way of life that has so spoken to your heart and soul over ours?”

Basically, Islam is a true middle-way. It is simple both in practice and in theory, and is an easy Way for we fallible, error-prone, human beings to become better individuals. Consider, for instance, prayer – Salat (also called Namaz). This is always short, and easy to do. It is a combination of words, gestures and movement – unlike any other form of prayer such as Nazarene, Buddhist, heathen. … In my life, I have experienced and performed many types of prayer – from Buddhist to Taoist to Anglican, to Catholic (including those of Benedictine and Carthusian monasticism) to Hinduism – and of all of them I found Namaz to be both the most human and the most numinous, the most imbued with the Divine, for we prostrate ourselves before God, knowing ourselves for the weak individuals we are. One of the many remarkable things I remember about Islam is when, only a short while after my own conversion, I went to travel again in the Desert, and it was so poignant doing Namaz there, with no one around for hundreds of miles: saying the same words, and praying in the same way, as the Prophet Muhammad (salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) had done, over one thousand and forty years ago; for alone, in the Desert, one can feel the closeness of God, of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala – feel how slender is the thread by which we cling to life. One can sense the true Peace that is Jannah (Paradise) and the wonder of Life, of Creation.” (Myatt, http://www.dwmyatt.info/questions-dm.html).

He sees Islam as the only means by which Western decadence can be swept from the world, to make way for a numinous civilisation based on Islam. Myatt sees instead of a Western Imperium leading to Galactic Empire, a world Muslim Civilisation; under a world Khalifate, re-establishing a chivalrous, honourable ethos, where the West cannot. One could be reminded that it was the Islamic civilisation in its “Spring” Cycle that provided the impetus for learning and culture, that brought much to Europe, laid the basis for modern chemistry and mathematics, and provided the basis for the West’s Knightly chivalry which the Crusaders had encountered among their Muslim foes.

While Myatt repudiates many of his previous views his fundamental ethos remains, the ideals of the numinous; of life based on honour and chivalry; a detestation of the ignoble and the cowardly, the hedonistic and materialistic that he continues to see dominating the West in its decline, and of the prospect of a Galactic Empire, all these now possibly being manifested under Islam rather than by calling upon dark astral gods. In a recent interview Myatt explains the position he’s adhered to since his conversion in 1998:

“What I gradually discovered in the years leading toward my reversion to Islam was that the numinous is presenced in Deen Al-Islam, and that it is Deen Al-Islam which today as in the past produces honourable, modest, individuals who possess manners, who respect what is sacred, and who thus are civilized. In addition, who are the honourable warriors of today other than the Mujahideen who fight against often overwhelming odds and who prefer death to dishonour? What kind of community – “society” – would and could Deen Al-Islam create were such honourable warriors to be triumphant? Would they not build a Khilafah led by an Ameer, a Khalifah (a leader) and would this Khilafah not be everything I once dreamed an Imperium might be, and might not this Khilafah be an example to others as the Khilafah in Al-Andulus was to the barbarians of Europe, and might it not, its enemies defeated, reach out toward the stars and so establish a new and Galactic Empire? Thus, as I wrote in an autobiographical essay:

“As for my dream, my life-long vision, of a Galactic Empire – of the exploration and settlement of Outer Space – there was a time, not that long ago, when I came to the conclusion that we human beings were too ignoble, too barbaric, too uncivilized, to do this, and that, if we did undertake such adventures beyond the Earth, we would only be spreading dishonour: spreading our disease of hubris, spreading our destruction of the Numinous. But now – now as I veer toward the sixth decade of my life – I feel that we can avoid such things: that there is a cure for the disease of hubris and of dishonour, and that were we to be cured – and thus return to our natural fitrah – then we could and perhaps should so venture forth, under the banner of Deen Al-Islam.” (Myatt, http://www.dwmyatt.info/questions-dm.html).

On a question regarding the present state of the West, Myatt states:

“The peoples of the West have significantly changed in the last fifty or so years. The England I knew as a youth, fresh from a life in the Far East and Africa – the England my father and my grandfather thought they fought in two World Wars for – has almost disappeared. Manners have been replaced with arrogant selfishness; gentlemanly (and lady-like) self-effacement and modesty has been replaced by loutish behaviour in public and in private; and restraint has given way to decadence, greed and self-indulgence. Honour is almost completely lacking, in public and in private. The West is now the domain of Homo Hubris: of the arrogant, the preening, the dishonourable human being who is intolerant of, or unmindful of, the numinous, which numinous is, in truth, the genesis of honour and of manners and of all the civilizing virtues.” (Myatt, ibid.).

From a cyclic perspective, the question remains as to whether Islam itself passed its own cycle of decline centuries ago, and descended irredeemably into what Spengler (Spengler, 1963, 159-186, Primitives, Culture-Peoples, Fellaheen) called a Fellaheen culture ; that is to say a culture that has expended all its energies, and is not capable of revival. At the very least, what might be said of the present world crisis is that Islam is the only bloc representing Tradition that is consciously in revolt against globalisation.


Myatt David W., The Way of the Lighting & the Sun: A Western Martial Art, The Black Order (ONA), 1972.

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Myatt (aka Thorold West, Anton Long), Naos: A Practical Guide to Modern Magick, ONA, Shropshire, 1989.

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Editorial Note:

While it is generally known and accepted that Moult was involved with the ONA and produced some of their writings and other works, such as “The Sinister Tarot” card deck, he never became a “Grand Master” – having left the group halfway through his training – and neither did he ever, according to my sources, use the pseudonym Anton Long.

The Bad Boys of Satanism

There’s a video entitled The Bad Boys of Satanism posted on YouTube about Myatt and the ONA at


It’s not, in fact, a video according to a certain usage of that term (moving images), but rather someone – an American, using the pseudonym Jason King – speaking to camera about Satanism, the ONA and David Myatt.

The speaker makes some good and interesting points, about Myatt and the ONA, stating that in his opinion:

(1) The Order of Nine Angles is the work of one man and one man alone: that is, David Myatt;

(2) The ONA is a genuinely sinister organization [i.e. striving to disrupt and cause Chaos and destruction], and that Myatt is a genius for creating it and obviously well understands the Occult in general and satanism in particular;

(3) The ONA has in effect created a new mythos;

(4) Myatt is a dangerous individual who is a “psychopath”.

(5) Myatt’s conversion to Islam is just a ruse, and he’s only using radical Islam to further his sinister, his Satanic, aims.

The speaker is also of the opinion that (a) Myatt’s ulterior motive – his primary aim – is a neo-nazi one, and that Myatt is still a neo-nazi; and that (b) the term “nine angles” was taken from Aquino’s socalled “Rite of the Nine Angles”, a point addressed by – and to some extent refuted by – the ONA in several of their documents, including Questions About David Myatt – An Interview with Richard Stirling, Exoteric Representative of the ONA:

Can we talk about the origin of the term the Order of Nine Angles? Was that taken from another, pre-existing, American based, group, as some people have surmised and claimed?

Not to my knowledge. According to my sources, the term was taken from a medieval alchemical manuscript, written in Arabic, and entitled Al-Kitab al-Aflak. What many of those involved with esoteric matters outside the ONA do not know is that many of the Arab alchemists, from whom many of the Western alchemists learned their trade or gained their knowledge from, considered there were nine emanations, or angles, and that there were different forms of Time – azal and dhar and zamal – for example. Myatt studied such matters, and developed, extended, these ideas, and gave them a modern slant. Hence causal, acausal, nine angles, and so on.

But that, like they say, is just another man’s view.

There has been much discussion, on the Internet, in published articles and books, about whether or not David Myatt is or is not Anton Long; whether or not he is, or was, involved with (or founded) The Order of Nine Angles; and whether he is a Nazi, a Satanist or – as he himself now claims – a Muslim.

The salient facts are, briefly, as follows:

1) Despite many claims, no one has ever produced any evidence in support of the allegation, assumption and rumor that Myatt is Anton Long.

2) Myatt has always consistently denied being Anton Long.

3) Myatt has always denied being a Satanist, and has asserted that:

(a) He once – and decades ago, in the 1970’s and before he entered the novitiate of a Nazarene monastery – had a purely academic interest in the Occult as part of his Faustian desire to “seek wisdom and understanding”;

(b) He once – in the early 1970’s while active as a Nazi and again before he entered the novitiate of a Nazarene monastery – “conceived a plan to use or if necessary create secret Occult-type groups” with the subversive aim of using them to further his plan to “create a revolutionary situation which a National-Socialist group might take advantage of”. However, he soon abandoned this plan because “the meagre achievements were far outweighed by the problems these groups caused.”

(c) That no one has ever produced any evidence in support of the allegation, assumption and rumor that Myatt is a Satanist, despite Myatt’s repeated challenge for them to do so.

4) Since his conversion to Islam in 1998, Myatt has consistently renounced his Nazi, racist, views, and has been described by his former Nazi associates as a “race-traitor”.

5) Myatt gave a clue as to the real identity of Anton Long in an 1997 interview with Nick Lowles when he admitted to doing a favor for a “long standing friend”. This friend was, at that time, an Oxford academic.

6) According to the current exoteric head of the ONA, Myatt is not now, and never has been, a member of the ONA.

7) Since his conversion to Islam – and particularly in the years since 9/11 – Myatt has written a vast amount of articles, which confirm his commitment to Islam, which glorify Islamism, Jihad, and are in support of the Taliban and bin Laden.

Therefore, it seems reasonable to conclude on the basis of such evidence that Myatt is not Anton Long; is not a Satanist; is neither the leader nor the founder of the ONA; and is, and has been, for nine years, not only a Muslim but also committed to propagating an extremist Islamist ideology.


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* Myatt, David. Autobiographical Notes (in 3 parts). e-text (no dates)

* Myatt, David. From Neo-Nazi to Muslim. 5 Rabi Awal 1427 (Revised 2 Shaban 1428)

Article source: Official ONA blog

A Short Commentary On David Myatt: Muslim, Nazi, or Satanist?

by Pointyhat (as Devil’s Advocate)

2) Myatt has always consistently denied being Anton Long. 3) Myatt has always denied being a Satanist

Well, we would comment that “he would say/write that…” – would he not? If he were involved – or had been involved – in such things, and wanted to continue causing disruption/Chaos (or whatever term we might use) to further his sinister goals, by, for instance, supporting such things as Jihad.

6) According to the current exoteric head of the ONA, Myatt is not now, and never has been, a member of the ONA.

Again, he/she/they would most certainly say/write that, especially if Myatt did indeed found (or take over the leadership of) the ONA, was the current Grand Master of it, and did not want his part in it to be made public.

7) Since his conversion to Islam – and particularly in the years since 9/11 – Myatt has written a vast amount of articles, which confirm his commitment to Islam, which glorify Islamism, Jihad, and are in support of the Taliban and bin Laden.

If it is assumed that this conversion and these articles was, and were, done from some hidden sinister motive, in pursuit of sinister aims (as quite a few people believe vis-a-vis Myatt) then such things are not strictly evidence in favour of the author’s claim that Myatt is a Muslim “committed to propagating an extremist Islamist ideology.”

Therefore, if one wants to assume, presume, or claim that Myatt was/is involved with the ONA, and that his aims were (and still are) sinister, then it is easy enough to interpret his life – and his various denials of involvement, and his various writings and activities – in this particular manner.

Thus, those who, like Myatt, propound or who (like the above author seem to) accept an alternative explanation (of Myatt’s non-involvement) only have, in their favour, the cited lack of evidence (of involvement). But even when, or if, some such direct evidence of such an involvement was forthcoming, that too could, most probably, be “explained away” in some manner by Myatt or those who accept (for whatever reason) the denial of involvement.

In addition, one might ask just what would constitute valid evidence of such involvement? A “kiss and tell” story of the kind beloved by dishonourable tabloid journalists? Compromising photographs of Myatt in black robe, with embroidered ONA sigil, at some “Satanic Black Mass”? A handwritten letter by Myatt admitting his involvement, or admitting to being Anton Long?

Perhaps some of Myatt’s vitriolic opponents (such as the person – one of the two notorious Myatt stalkers – who has in the past two years flooded forums, world-wide, with, for example, messages about “doing some research” into Myatt’s life) will now seek to concoct some forged evidence in favour of such involvement.

Until then, or even after then, we can continue – as usual – to either make, and accept, our own assumptions and theories about Myatt, or we can choose, for whatever reason, to believe Myatt himself.

For myself, I must admit to finding the “conspiracy theories” (of the MI5 agent or 5GW operative kind) much more intriguing, and much more interesting, than the dull denials. I also, personally, tend to favour the now, it seems, generally accepted theory – among esoteric-kind – of Myatt being Anton Long, the “shapeshifting” creator genius of the modern ONA mythos; of him pursuing, for many decades, dark and sinister aims, and of using both National Socialism and Islam as tactics in pursuit of such aims.