The following is taken from an old interview with David Myatt (around 2001 CE although it was first published 2003 CE).

The most fundamental problem today, and for the next few decades, is the NWO. As I have said and written many times in the past few years if the tyrannical NWO is not dealt with soon, in a practical way, then our future, as a species, may be quite bleak. The NWO must be fought on all levels – it must be engaged on the battlefield, in the lands it has occupied; it must be engaged ideologically; it must be engaged covertly and politically on its own parasitical hosts – the nations of the West, especially America. For the NWO is like a parasite, sucking the life-blood of the West for its own nefarious, ignoble, inhuman ends. Any and all forms which can be used to undermine, weaken, and destroy it must be used. To understand its evil, just consider how far it has implanted the evil lie of the holocaust hoax into the minds, the very being, of the majority of the peoples of the West – thus mentally controlling them. And this is only the beginning, as the brutal persecution, terror, suffered by the Germans after the First Zionist War was but an intimation of the terror that is now being fostered upon diverse peoples, such as the Palestinians and Muslims like Sheikh Usama bin Laden and the Mujahideen who, understanding the Zionist plan for world control, desire to fight the NWO in a practical way. The sheer hypocrisy – the double-speak – of the NWO is breath-taking, Orwell’s 1984 come alive. And what do the majority of people in the West do? Support it, or at least do nothing, so enwrapped are they in the materialistic, hedonistic, dishonourable ethos that the NWO has foisted upon us.

So, in one sense I am part of the acausal flow which is being presenced now to try and disrupt, undermine, destroy the NWO, which flow is also being presenced by me, as one connexion, to offer numinous, honourable, evolutionary, alternatives to the NWO.

The beginning of such an understanding of such connexions is duty; but that word fails to describe the numinous reality.

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