Smearing David Myatt – Again:
More Anonymous Weird Tales of a Nazi Hacker

After an absence of almost a year, Myatt’s cyber-stalker has struck again. On a new twist to an old disinformation campaign, the anonymous coward has set up a blog at

Go read that blog, and enjoy!

Loyal readers of this AboutMyatt blog – yes, all seven of nine of you! – may recall that the anonymous coward plagued message boards and forums, world wide, with claims of someone [hint, hint; wink, wink; nudge, nudge] – an alleged nazi – hacking into people’s computers in order to get personal details and then harassing those people in a horrid way, both in cyberspace, and in the real world. In order to make these totally unverified accusations seem even more horrid, the anonymous coward making the accusations made a point of claiming that “disabled people” were specifically being targeted.

The new claims are basically a variation on the old theme, except that the anonymous coward now claims that someone [hint, hint; wink, wink; nudge, nudge] has in fact set up various messages boards and forums for the specific purpose of doing all this, including – believe it or not – Black British Forums and BN Village.

Enough said, perhaps. But perhaps not. For we would like to point out again that these old – and new – claims – are not only crazily fanciful in the best paranoid delusional way – but also totally lacking credibility to the sagacious because they contain not one piece of evidence.

The anonymous coward was even challenged, last year, to report the matter to the Police, who would be most interested in such activities, and who would most certainly launch an investigation into the matter, if there was any evidence at all, even if only circumstantial.

When challenged, on one particular forum last year to do this, the anonymous coward replied – anonymously, of course – that they had done so, and that the Police just weren’t interested. Which beggars belief – unless the Police, having been given no evidence or verifiable facts in the matter – had also dismissed them as fantasies. But, even so, the Police would have been obliged to record the matter and to give the person an “incident number”. When asked for this “incident number” – or even the name of the Police Officer see, or even the Police Station where the report was made, the anonymous coward was strangely silent.

Which, of course, leads one to conclude there was no report made to the Police, and that the whole story is just more anti-Myatt disinformation; more poisonous slurs and smears against David Myatt.

On the matter of disinformation, and of slurring people in general for a political purpose, British readers will surely have read or heard about the recent plot, by one Damian McBride – friend, and advisor to the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown – to smear David Cameron, the Conservative Party leader, and other political figures. Which reveals, in its details, not only how the tactic is used, but also how commonplace such dishonourable tactics have become in the societies of the West.

Which leads us to ask: (1) why is David Myatt the subject, yet again, of another smear campaign? and (2) what does or do the person or the people behind this current campaign hope to achieve?

To answer the second question first: they hope, obviously, to discredit the man. Which leads us to the first question: why? Perhaps because they are worried about his influence? Worried about the impact of his writings? If so, what influence, and what writings? His previous incarnation as a fanatical nazi? Or his more recent incarnation as a Muslim (Abdul Aziz Ibn Myatt), preaching Jihad against “the Zionists and their Western allies”? Or both, since it does appear as if – despite his conversion to Islam and his total rejection of his former nazi views (1, 2, 3) – many people of the so-called “radical Right” still read, and often still appreciate, his NS writings.

Which all leads us to other questions. Questions such as, just who are these people who have – for over twenty years – being spreading rumours, making allegations, and propagating disinformation about Myatt? What is their agenda? Questions such as, just what have they seen, or understand or intimated, about Myatt that they consider him such a threat as to warrant such a long-lived campaign of lies, disinformation and smears? What have we, the audience for such lies, disinformation and smears, been missing, or misunderstanding about Myatt for so many years?

However, what I, personally, find particularly interesting about the whole matter of this decades-long disinformation and smear campaign against Myatt is how different people react to it. Myatt’s former political associates – the nazi and the “white nationalists” – by and large act dishonourably and either believe the disinformation, the rumours and the smear, or they mindlessly parrot them whenever Myatt is mentioned (often, of course, they do both). In a different league, altogether, it appears, are the Muslims, who either dismiss the disinformation and smears “out of hand”, or they come to Myatt’s defence, as they did, for example, of the IA forum when Myatt’s notorious zionist stalker started posting his lies.

Now, which one of these two groups of people are acting correctly, when faced with such rumours, such disinformation, such smears – about Myatt – as are now being made, yet again? Which – maybe even more interestingly – leads one to ask just why do the Muslims, it seems, act in this honourable way?

David Myatt c. 1989

Editorial Note (by Raffy, Nov 16, 08): After considering a polite request to remove the following article, I decided to keep it, pointing out that it is filed in the Categories Disinformation, and Allegations, and that there is already a suitable Disclaimer at the beginning of the article.

Update, Jan 30, 2009: Anton Long Chronology (pdf)


Introduction and Disclaimer:

This is the latest, updated, version (1.15a, January 120yf) and supersedes all previous versions.

I have pieced this Chronology together from a variety of sources, including some unpublished ones, some Internet items, and some articles published in various printed magazines, newspapers, and books. I have also, on occasion, used information supplied by various contacts of mine who are familiar with the life and works of both David Myatt and Anton Long.

This unofficial Chronology is based on the assumption that Anton Long is a pseudonym of David Myatt.

Thus, it is an amalgam of the assumed life of Anton Long – taken from the above mentioned variety of sources – and information about Myatt obtained from a similar variety of sources.

In the interests of fairness, I must point out that Myatt himself still continues, publicly and privately and consistently, to deny being Anton Long, and publicly and privately denies any invovlement with the ONA, and affirms his continuing commitment to Islam.

All errors, mistakes, omissions, and the unintentional reproduction of disinformation, in this Chronology, are entirely my fault.

Version 1.15a
Updated January, 120yf


Anton Long: A Short Chronology of His Life

Born 1950

1950-c.1967: Africa and Far East


^ Begins study of Martial Art, based on Taoism, in Singapore
^ Initiated into pleasures of erotica in Singapore brothel

1967: Arrives in England to complete schooling

Notable events: 1967- 1968

^ Leaves home (his father returns to live and work in Africa) – working during School holidays at a variety of jobs, including fruit picking, a farm, and a local factory. His father gives him a generous monthly allowance
^ Joins small traditional coven in the Fenlands of East Anglia
^ Begins study of National Socialism following reading about Major General Otto Ernst Remer
^ Joins Colin Jordan’s newly formed neo-nazi British Movement
^ Visits London in search of Occult groups and makes contact with small group following G*D* and Crowleyian magick, which he soon rejects as “wishy-washy arty-farty mumbo-jumbo”
^ Regularly attends meetings and rallies and demonstrations by BM, and newly formed NF, and gets involved with many fights
^ Joins small Left Hand Path group in London, and meets lady who runs a well-kept and high-class brothel: Quod duo Concubinatus genera sint, as he was to later, mockingly, write.

All this activity and seeking has a deleterious effect on his school studies, and he seriously considers quitting studying for his “A” levels and moving to live and work in London

1969 – 71

^ Seeking Promethean challenges, he becomes, for around nine months, a cat-burglar, and targets premises in London, expressing delight in the risks and the physical challenges, especially when access is through entries such as upper floor windows and roofs. He tests each “mark” personally – in terms of their individual character – before deciding if their premises, domestic or business (or both, but often just business and commercial premises), merit his attention, and later uses the experience gained to refine the ONA’s guidelines for the testing of opfers.

^ Leaves School to enter University, where he studies Physics

^ 1971: Becomes disenchanted with University, and spends more time traveling around the country attending political meetings, rallies and demonstrations, as well as working with a small Left Hand Path group, based in Yorkshire, called The Temple of the Sun, and visiting and staying with his lady friend, the brothel owner, in London where he occasionally helps out with running the business

On several occasions, he acts as Colin Jordan’s bodyguard at BM meetings and rallies.

He meets, via a contact in a Manchester Left Hand Path group, the Lady Master, of a traditional Sinister group, whose daughter initiates him into their reclusive sinister ways, and he spends many weeks staying with them, studying, and recording, their aural traditions after which his new Lady Master and her daughter emigrate to Australia, leaving him in charge of their very small Left Hand Path group, numbering less than thirteen people, to which group he gives the name Order of Nine Angles. The young lady who initiates him subsequently (and in Australia) gives birth to Myatt’s daughter, whom Myatt only meets decades later. She and her mother have stipulated that Myatt should have no contact with them, nor try to find them, unless they contact him, a stipulation which he, honorably, honors.

1971-1974: Leeds and the NDFM

^ 1971: Finally leaves University after meeting and becoming friends with Eddy Morrison at several neo-nazi rallies and meetings in Leeds, and moves, early in 1972, to live in Leeds, where he is active on behalf of BM and other neo-nazi groups, and where, in the following months – after yet another violent skirmish – he is arrested for his part in a “Paki-bashing” incident involving a gang of skinheads, for which he is subsequently sent to Prison, having been identified as the leader of that gang.
^ 1973: On release from prison he decides to form, with Eddy Morrison, his own neo-nazi group, the NDFM (National Democratic Freedom Movement), with Morrison as leader and himself in charge of propaganda.

Also forms a small criminal gang to “re-distribute some of the wealth stolen by big capitalist firms”, believing that these are “victimless crimes”. He is to be arrested, early in 1974, for his part in these crimes, after an investigation and raids by the Yorkshire Regional Crime Squad (later to become part of the National Crime Squad, which dealt with “serious and organized crime”). Following his arrest, Myatt is charged with several crimes, held on remand in prison, and is subsequently found guilty, and given a suspended Prison sentence.

He is invited to join the underground neo-nazi group Column 88 (a part of NATO’s clandestine Gladio network, with links to MI5 and MI6), which he does, and regularly attends their training sessions, meetings and camps. C88 is led by a former Special Forces Army officer, and its main NATO given task was to conduct sabotage and assassinations in the event of a Soviet invasion.

In early 1974 Myatt gives his first interview to a newspaper journalist, who subsequently reneges on his promise to show Myatt a draft before it is published, and who publishes a sensationalist and untrue story about Myatt and Satanism which appears on the front-page of the local evening newspaper, complete with Myatt’s photograph. The sensationalist claims includes stories of animal sacrifice, and Myatt is interviewed by both the RSPCA, and the Police, about these stories, with both the RSPCA and the Police concluding that they are journalistic invention. The reporter subsequently becomes ill and dies, after a lingering illness, less than a year later. Anton Long was to later write that he never did and never would sacrifice any animals since there was an abundance of human dross suitable as opfers.

Myatt makes several visits to Northern Ireland, traveling on the overnight ferry from Liverpool to Belfast, describing these as “visits of a curious tourist”.

^ 1974: the ultra-violent NDFM year where Myatt regularly speaks at public meetings and rallies, smashes up an anti-Apartheid exhibition (twice), assaults an anti-fascist photographer, and gets arrested at least five times for violent offenses, including wading into a Trades Union march and destroying one of their banners. Speaks at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, to a crowd of nearly a thousand, and at an outdoor rally on Leeds Town Hall steps, to a crowd of several hundred, which ends in a mass brawl, and with him being arrested again. A few months later he appears in Court, and is sent to Prison, again, for his part in “inciting and leading” the fighting during yet another mass brawl.

1975-1981: ONA Insight Roles

On his release from Prison, he grows a beard, and becomes – for several months – a “Gentleman of the Road” (a drifter or vagabond), then settles down to live alone in a caravan in a field in the Fenlands to begin codifying and extensively developing ONA teachings. He undertakes the physical tasks described in the aural traditions he has inherited, then the grade Ritual of Internal Adept, in the Highlands of Scotland (near Loch Ness), afterwards resuming his regular visits to his lady friend, and her girls, in London, who have moved to new premises.

He decides he must spend many years personally trying out – and the refining, from experience – various ONA techniques, including Insight Roles, and opts to enter the noviciate of a Nazarene monastery where he spends nearly two years, during which he continues his Occult studies.

Not long after he leaves the monastery, he moves to Shropshire, resumes his Occult writings, begins writing about National Socialism, and meets the women whom he marries some months later. He successfully undertakes another Insight Role and completes all the new physical challenges he has developed, for External Adept, and described in Complete Guide To The Seven-Fold Sinister Way – having considered the ones he has inherited, and already undertaken, as “just too easy”.

Begins work as a gardener at a country house in Shropshire, and occasionally travels overseas, while continuing his association with Column 88, attending their clandestine meetings and training sessions.


Settled, in Shropshire, he begins writing in earnest about National Socialism, and publishes Vindex: The Destiny of The West and other works of his fourteen volume National-Socialist Series. Begins translating Greek literature, and publishes his translations of Sappho and Sophocles. Regularly writes for a variety of NS and nationalist publications (under his own name and using a variety of ‘nyms) including for John Tyndall’s Spearhead magazine. Privately teaches a few individuals Martial Arts, and completes The Deofel Quartet, and his voluminous ONA works, which he begins to distribute via Thormynd Press and other outlets. These ONA works include early editions of Naos, Hostia, and Black Book of Satan, Part 1

In the middle 80’s he is interviewed by the Police about the murder of a local woman (Hilda Murrell) who was an active supporter of nuclear disarmament, and is also interviewed by Jenny Rathbone, of ITV’s World in Action, about the affair (although his comments were never broadcast), suspicions having been raised in some quarters as to whether Myatt was doing some “dirty work” for MI5. Someone – who was also suspected of “dirty tricks” for MI5, knew someone who knew Myatt – committed suicide before he could be questioned about the murder, and the murder was to spawn various “conspiracy theories” although, decades later, the real murderer was found, charged and imprisoned.

A few years after this incident, Myatt divorces his wife (she goes off to live with a younger lady) and he disbands the few, and small, ceremonial ONA groups that exist and which he still leads, having returned to, and further developed, the more traditional way of individual Initiates working alone with perchance some guidance.

With Column 88 disbanded after its existence became public knowledge, he regularly travels the UK to recruit (at neo-nazi and nationalist meetings and events) members for his clandestine neo-nazi group, the Aryan Resistance Movement (later, Aryan Liberation Army) whose candidates he tests by methods deriving from the ONA, but finds only a few suitable individuals.


Still living in Shropshire, he marries again, and travels many times to Egypt and other parts of Africa (where he again visits his father’s grave which lies somewhere “between the Bangweulu swamp and the Lulua river”). He publishes further NS writings, more ONA material, and a translation of The Agamemnon by Aeschylus, and – following the untimely death of his second wife from cancer – he begins a course in Arabic at a British University only to leave after a short while to cycle through the Sahara Desert (from Cairo to El-Kharga oasis via Farafra), returning to move to live near the Herefordshire-Worcestershire border and work on a farm.

He then becomes involved with Combat 18, a group started not by Myatt himself but by Charlie Sargent, and his brother, Steve.

1994-1999: Combat 18 and The London Nail Bombings

During these years, he returns again to being publicly active on behalf of National Socialism, attending meetings and events organized by C18 and other neo-nazi groups, and again speaking in public. Several articles about him appear in the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, and in other magazines, and Liberty Bell, in America, publish most of his Thormynd National-Socialist Series of NS essays. A booklet, attributed to Myatt, announcing the formation of a leaderless resistance racist group, “The White Wolves”, is distributed, containing practical advice on making home-made bombs. Myatt issues a bi-monthly NS publication, The National-Socialist, in support of C18. He also marries for the third time, to live (after a honeymoon in The Maldives) in what one Midlands newspaper subsequently reported (complete with photograph) as a “luxury detached four-bedroomed house” in a small village near the town of Malvern.

Not long after settling there, Myatt travels to Australia, having received an unexpected invitation from the lady who initiated him into what was to become the ONA to attend the funeral of her mother, and Myatt there meets his daughter for the first time, who is a married woman with children of her own.

Myatt continues to clandestinely recruit for his covert Aryan Resistance Movement (ARM), his terrorist manual A Practical Guide to Aryan Revolution – described as a “detailed step-by-step guide for terrorist insurrection” – is put on the Internet for the first-time by someone in Canada, and there are rumors of Myatt receiving financial support from a former member of Hitler’s Waffen SS.

He makes further visits to Northern Ireland, flying from Manchester Airport to ‘Derry, describing these visits as “coastal and hill walks; enjoying the solitude and scenery.”

During 1997, C18 splits into two factions, the disloyal faction being led by someone called Browning who was accused by Charlie and others of stealing C18 funds, and Charlie Sargent is arrested for the murder of a Browning supporter. Myatt, remaining loyal to Charlie, forms and leads The National-Socialist Movement, after getting Colin Jordan’s permission to use that name, and all the members of C18 loyal to Charlie join this group, which includes several serving soldiers of the British Army. Myatt appears at Charlie’s trial to give him public support and twice publicly challenges Browning to a duel with deadly weapons but Browning fails to accept these challenges to a private duel. A photograph of Myatt with a woman (a C18 member) – outside the Court at Chelmsford – appears in Searchlight together with a description of the continuing feud between the two C18 factions.

Myatt is interviewed at an Inn in Craven Arms, Shropshire, by Nick Lowles of Searchlight, who – fearful of Myatt’s reputation as man of violence who “always carries a weapon” – brings along a “minder” and declines Myatt’s suggestion to meet elsewhere, fearing an ambush. Unknown to Lowles, several supporters of Myatt are already present in the Inn. Lowles tries to get Myatt to admit to being Anton Long, mentioning a PO Box in Hereford which he claims is “proof”, but Myatt politely replies that he was, for a short while only, merely doing a favor for a long-standing friend whose views he did not share. Lowles eventually gets angry – shouting at Myatt: “Why don’t you just admit it!” – but Myatt remains calm and polite and repeats his denial. Myatt was later to write that he had mentioned this friend several times before, including to Professor Jeffrey Kaplan (see footnote #51 of Kaplan’s book Nation and Race). Myatt was to later publicly challenge Lowles to a duel with deadly weapons for spreading lies and making malicious allegations about him, a challenge which Lowles did not accept, leading Myatt to publicly call him “a dishonourable lying coward”.

In the early months of 1998, a squad of detectives from Scotland Yard’s SO12 unit conduct a Dawn raid on Myatt’s home and arrest him. His house is searched by seven Police officers for over seven hours, and computers, literature and other items are seized, while Myatt is taken away for questioning. (Myatt is formally arrested and cautioned by DC Mark Whalley, of S012, Scotland Yard.) Myatt is later released on bail, while the Police continue what is to be a three year long investigation into charges relating to incitement to murder, conspiracy to murder, and incitement to racial hatred, with this investigation involving Interpol, the FBI, MI6, and the Canadian Police. Myatt is again the subject of an article in Searchlight, who post a photograph of him on their front cover, with the heading The Most Evil Nazi in Britain. It later transpires that Nick Lowles and Gerry Gable, of Searchlight, and Michael Whine, of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, are the people responsible for putting pressure on Scotland Yard to arrest Myatt, having made an official complaint against him and his neo-nazi activities.

Some months after Charlie Sargent is sent to prison for murder, Myatt resigns as leader of the NSM, to concentrate on his own Reichsfolk and ARM organizations. Then, quietly, with no announcement either public or private, in September of 1998 Myatt converts to Islam at a Mosque in the Midlands.

In 1999 David Copeland – a member of Myatt’s NSM – begins his campaign to start a racial war by exploding three nail-bombs in various areas of London. Three people are killed, and over a hundred are injured, many seriously. Copeland is arrested soon after the last bomb explodes, and before he could detonate more bombs.

Prior to Copeland’s trial, Myatt is questioned by Police officers from Scotland Yard’s Anti-Terrorism branch about Copeland, but denies any connection, and he is also confronted by a reporter from the BBC’s Panorama program who asks him the same question.

Following Copeland’s trial and conviction, a year later, the BBC Panorama program about Copeland is broadcast (with Myatt’s voice altered by BBC special effects at the suggestion of Nick Lowles), accusing Myatt of being Copeland’s mentor, and there are subsequently many other Media reports about Myatt and Copeland, with journalists arriving at Myatt’s home and place of work (a farm) in an effort to interview him. Myatt declines to answer any of their questions, and instead issues a public statement in which he stated: “I personally regret nothing. There is nothing to apologize for; nothing to plead or feel guilty about…”

Every six months or so (and until 2001), the Police continue to formally interrogate Myatt (mostly at Charing Cross Police Station, in London, but on one occasion at Oxford Police Station) regarding Copeland, A Practical Guide to Aryan Revolution, and other matters relating to the charges still pending against him.


Myatt continues – until the end of 2000 – to issue editions of his The National-Socialist newsletter, as he continues to write about National Socialism, and lead Reichsfolk. At the beginning of 2001, the Police inform Myatt that they have dropped all charges against him, and return his computers and other belongings.

In the Summer of 2000, Myatt, according to one source, travels to Iran, from whence he crosses over to Iraq. He begins to write about Islam and in particular articles about and praising Osama bin Laden and the Taliban. In the Summer of 2001, Myatt leaves his wife, citing “irreconcilable differences” mostly to do with his Islam, sells the house, and goes to briefly stay with CB (and his female partner) on a farm in Shropshire for a few months, before becoming, for some months, a “Gentleman of the Road” in the fells of Cumbria.

He then settles in a town in the north of England, together with a new girlfriend, producing more writings about both Islam and what he calls The Numinous Way. After around six months, he moves again to begin work on a rural farm, visiting Egypt several times, while continuing to produce more polemical Islamist writings and continuing to try and get neo-nazis to cooperate with radical Muslims in order to fight “the tyrannical New World Order, the dishonourable profane Zionist led Crusade alliance…” and, of this cooperation, Professor George Michael was later to write that Myatt has “arguably done more than any other theorist to develop a synthesis of the extreme right and Islam.”

Between 2003 and 2006 Myatt concentrates on writing about, and being involved with, Islam, earning a reputation as a radical Islamist, a supporter of both “suicide attacks”, and of Osama bin Laden. One of his articles justifying suicide attacks is, for several years, on the Izz al-Din al-Qassam (the military wing) section of the Hamas website whose members have killed hundreds of Jews in such attacks. Myatt, in many essays and on Internet forums, in various interviews and discussions, and using his Muslim names including Abdul Aziz, defends both the 9/11 and the London 7/7 attacks.

In 2005, he is mentioned at a NATO conference On Terrorism and Communications, in Slovakia, where it is stated that he has called upon “all enemies of the Zionists to embrace the Jihad, the ‘true martial religion’ which will most effectively fight against the Jews and the Americans.”

In 2006, he takes part in an “on-line” dialog, on a well-known and respected Islamic website, answering questions from Muslims world-wide. He is the subject of a full-page article (complete with color photograph) in The Times, of London, newspaper – under the topic Muslim Extremists in Britain – and is subsequently asked by several other newspapers for interviews, and invited to appear on an Arabic television station to discuss his support for bin Laden, all of which offers he declines.

Also in 2006, Myatt – as Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt – is mentioned at the grandly named NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Hypermedia Seduction for Terrorist Recruiting, held at Eilat, in “Israel”.

Recent Islamist articles of his include essays such as In Reply to Sheikh Salman b. Fahd al-Oadah (where he again defends bin Laden), The Revival of Aql, and The Aims of Al-Qaeda which is translated into many languages, including Italian.

Despite his involvement with Islam, rumors persist concerning Myatt continuing to be involved with the ONA, and continuing to develop his Numinous Way philosophy, and, between 2006 and 2008 dozens of new and revised articles about The Numinous Way are distributed. In early 2009 The Numinous Way Foundation issues a compilation of these revised and new articles. In the late Fall of 2008 – as in some previous years – rumors began circulating that Myatt had abandoned Islam in favor of his The Numinous Way, but Myatt himself denies this, claiming he is still a Muslim, and continues to write and publish Islamist articles, such as The Zionist Attacks on Gaza, dated 8 Muharram 1430 (i.e. January 2009).


January 120 yf



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Some apposite quotes:

I have sometimes had to use deception, for as the Hadith says:

Narrated Ka’b ibn Malik: When the Prophet (salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) intended to go on an expedition, he always pretended to be going somewhere else, and he would say: War is deception. (Abu Dawud, 14, 2629)

We Muslims are indeed at war, and if I have sometimes to deceive the kuffar to achieve things for Islam, to aid my brothers and sisters, I will, provided I do nothing that is dishonourable, or which Islam forbids. ( Questions About Islam and National Socialism )

“A man of honour may use guile or cunning to deceive his sworn enemies, and his sworn enemies only, provided always that he does not personally benefit from such guile or cunning and provided always that honour is satisfied.” (The Code of Honour)

Stalking Myatt:
Tales of a Nazi Hacker (And More)

by Pointyhat

In addition to the recent spate of anonymous posts on Internet forums pretending to ask for information about “David Myatt and Islam“, there has been, for several years, other anonymous posts about Myatt, to Internet forums, with titles like “A Nazi Hacker”.

These other posts make the absurd claim that some neo-nazi (or some neo-nazi Satanist) is hacking into the computers of “vulnerable” and/or “disabled” people, and stealing personal information about them. Sometimes Myatt is directly named in these posts; sometimes not, although if he is not directly named then links are given to biased articles about or concerning Myatt, which articles usually make the usual unproven allegations about “involvement with Satanism” and so on. Occasionally, these anonymous posts claim that the writer “has contacted the Police” about the hacking, and that the Police don’t take him/her/it seriously. The posts have appeared on forums as diverse as those about Billy Brag, those to do with “Black politics”, and those to do with education such as the “Association of Jewish Sixth Formers”.

Occasionally, there have been responses to these anonymous posts, with some respondents taking the ludicrous – and always unsubstantiated – claims seriously, and with some realizing they are the posts of a troll, a stalker, or someone with an obsession, with personality problems or some kind of personality disorder.

The total lack of evidence given for the allegations made, directly or indirectly, against Myatt is one of the most obvious features of not only these anonymous posts, but also of the many journalistic articles about Myatt which have regularly appeared and which do regularly appear in newspapers, in periodicals, and on the Internet. More often than not, the allegations revolve around alleged involvement with Satanism, although quite why anyone these days would find such now rather common-place activities startling, heretical, outlandish, or mildly salacious or even interesting, is never explained. Which is why, I suppose, the new anonymous stalker is trying a new angle – of “a nazi hacking the computers of disabled people”. Shock; horror; gasp! Hold the front-page! Let’s make a new BBC Panorama special!

It seems likely that all these anonymous posts about “David Myatt and Islam”, and about a “Nazi hacker”, are by one and the same person, given the content, the style, the attempts at being clever, and their placement on varying, and world wide, forums. The content almost always includes links to the above mentioned biased Internet articles about Myatt.

It also seems likely that we can expect more such posts by the anonymous person, for this person obviously has a serious obsession with Myatt, and obviously has either some personality disorder or some psychological problem, or – like Myatt’s infamous Zionist stalker – is intent, because of his own religious and/or political views, on trying to somehow discredit Myatt by such anonymous posts.

Perhaps there is only one Myatt stalker out-there in cyber-land: the “original Myatt stalker” (®Trademark) – a.k.a the obsessive Zionist – who has now branched out, and is trying some new anti-Myatt angle. Perhaps there are now two stalkers, the original one, and this “new Myatt stalker” (®Trademark) who is addicted to posting stories about Myatt and who, obviously deluded, sees himself/herself/itself as rather clever by inventing stories about a Nazi hacker and by pretending to ask for information while repeating unproven allegations about Myatt.

Personally, my view is that there are now two Myatt stalkers. But perhaps some more will join this select and always anonymous group, and they will get together to widen the scope of their allegations. How’s about: “David Myatt is an alien from Outer Space”? Or: “Myatt is a vampire and regularly sucks the blood of his victims?” Too outré? OK, how’s about: “Myatt the secret MI5 agent”? Oh, sorry, that’s already been done. Well, then, how’s about: “Myatt the secret cat-burglar”? Or: “Myatt the drug-dealer”. Or even: “I was Myatt’s sex slave and the freaky fiend had a passion for three women in a bed…”

But what does seem clear from these regular anonymous posts which have been regularly occurring for at least seven years is that there are disturbed maladjusted people “out there” who take cowardly advantage of the Internet to anonymously spread their delusions, their fantasies, their prejudices, their unproven allegations – and the lies of others – about Myatt. Part of the human condition, I suppose. Potential opfer, anyone?

Searchlight is a British monthly magazine produced by the anti-fascist Searchlight organization, which was founded in 1970’s by several Jewish anti-fascist activists. For over twenty years – beginning in the February 1984 issue – Searchlight regularly repeated rumors about, and made allegations concerning, Myatt’s alleged involvement with Satanism. Searchlight’s attacks on Myatt culminated in the April 1998 issue of the magazine which featured a photograph of Myatt – taken during a Combat 18 demonstration in London – on the front cover together with the headline “The Most Evil Nazi in Britain…” and a five-page story about Myatt and the Order of Nine Angles (ONA). In addition, Searchlight devoted two-pages to Myatt – under the headline David Myatt: Theoretician of Terror – in its “Special Edition” of July 2000 devoted to the London Nail-bomber, David Copeland.

The common feature of all these Searchlight stories about Myatt are: (1) the allegations that he is a Satanist, and that he either founded and leads the Order of Nine Angles, or is “a leading member” of the ONA; and (2) a lack of any evidence supporting these allegations.

Thus, and for instance, the article in the April 1998 issue boldly states: “Formed by Myatt himself in the 1980s, the ONA is a secret society that prides itself on following traditional Satanism…” No evidence whatsoever is presented to support this assumption that Myatt formed the ONA. Likewise, no evidence is presented elsewhere for Myatt’s involvement in either the ONA or with Satanism in general. The only shred of “evidence” they could find is that Thormynd Press, which published some of Myatt’s National Socialist writings and was set-up by Myatt himself, once allegedly shared a Post Office Box with another publisher who published some ONA writings. When asked about this, in an 1997 interview with Nick Lowles (now the Editor of the Searchlight magazine) Myatt simply stated that he was simply, and for a short period only, doing a favor for a “long-standing friend” some of whose views and activities he personally did not agree with. Neither Lowles nor anyone from Searchlight investigated the matter further, even though Myatt’s comment to Lowles is confirmed by private letters written by Myatt some years earlier to Professor Jeffrey Kaplan, author of several books in which Myatt is mentioned. [See, for example, footnote #51 of Kaplan’s book Nation and Race which also mentions a letter Myatt wrote, in July 1994, to a Mr Williams, stating that Myatt’s Occult involvement, such as it was, was mainly in the 1970’s and part of a clandestine campaign – which he elsewhere admitted he later abandoned – to convert some of those individuals to National Socialism.]

More recently, several newspaper articles about Myatt – which reproduce Searchlight’s allegations of Occult involvement by Myatt (without providing any evidence) – have included quotes from Searchlight’s Gerry Gable which continued Searchlight‘s attempts to defame and smear Myatt, alleging, for example, that Myatt was just using radical Islam to further his “anti-Establishment agenda” and that he was still a fanatical neo-nazi who was only pretending to be a Muslim.

In addition, a few years after the BBC Panorama program about Copeland which featured Myatt (which program was edited by a certain Nick Lowles) Searchlight seemed to change its tactics regarding Myatt. They ceased describing him as “a dangerous man” and instead said: “Myatt is a self-publicist who has claimed to have taken up many guises, including being a monk. Satanism is probably his overriding inspiration. He still supports neo-Nazi groups and contributes to their websites…” According to Myatt’s biographer, Julie Wright:

“This is certainly a shift in the tactics of his political opponents – Myatt has gone from being ignored (perhaps they hoped he would go away) to being portrayed as a hardened fanatic who is a “dangerous man” to now being portrayed as someone who just sits at home, on the Internet, and who has a “delusional fantasy life”. In fact, Myatt has such a “delusional fantasy life” that one journalist would only meet him with a former SAS soldier for a bodyguard; such a “delusional fantasy life” that the BBC film crew took along a pair of heavyweight “minders” when they interviewed him; and such a “delusional fantasy life” that another journalist – a fit, young, well-built and active man – was so fearful of Myatt’s reputation as a man of violence who “always carries a weapon” that he refused to meet Myatt on a not very isolated hill-top above an English town. Perhaps this journalist was aware that it once took seven Police Officers from the elite S012 unit to arrest Myatt early one morning.”

Furthermore, and somewhat strangely, the avowedly anti-fascist Searchlight has made no recent comment on the fact that Myatt – a Muslim since 1998 – has, many times in the past three years, publicly renounced his former neo-nazi views and confirmed his commitment to Islam, a commitment which precludes any involvement whatsoever with Satanism. Presumably, no such comment has been forthcoming by them because such a public disavowal, by Myatt, of his former views – and his apparent acceptance by other Muslims – means that their old tactics of defaming Myatt by accusing him of being a Satanist, and still a neo-nazi, would no longer work. Or possibly they have just lost interest in the man.

But, somewhat bizarrely, Michael Whine, Chairman of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, has been quoted as saying, in respect of Myatt:

“I would advise all Muslims to have nothing to do with this man.”

Which seems rather a strange comment to make – a Zionist Jew, leader of the most influential Jewish organization in Britain, telling Muslims what to do. Perhaps, after all, they do still regard him as “a dangerous man”.


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David Myatt and Islam: A Plethora of Posts From a Stalker


The following item about Myatt – under various titles including David Myatt and Islam – has been appearing on many, mainly political, forums, world-wide, within the last month, and is posted under various user names.

So far, there have been about fifteen forums infested with this message, all of which messages are identical, which certainly does indicate a concerted campaign of disinformation by (probably) just one individual who has a rather unhealthy obsession with Myatt.

I say “disinformation” because the person makes a rather silly pretense of doing some “research” and asking for information about Myatt, stating that “the only information from independent sources that I can find is…” and then gives links to two sites which are far from being “independent sources”. One is a conspiracy site by a conspiracy nut; the other is a political organization which has been posting various unsubstantiated allegations about Myatt for over twenty years, and which is itself rumored to be linked to Britain’s MI5 (see the Wikipedia article about this “Searchlight” group for more info).

It is a silly pretense about asking for information about Myatt, because:

Anyone who’s seriously interested in the relationship that may exist between some Muslims and the far Right would have found and read Professor Michael’s book about the subject – The Enemy of My Enemy: The Alarming Convergence of Militant Islam and the Extreme Right – which provides some good info.

Anyone who’s seriously interested in David Myatt would have found the Wikipedia article about him

which provides a fairly balanced overview of the man, and gives references for further research.

The person also makes at least three factual errors in his two short paragraphs. The errors are:

(1) “he announced to the world”. Wrong – Myatt kept quiet about it for nearly two years.
(2) “It made quite an impact in the UK press at the time”. Wrong. It went unnoticed until two years later, after Myatt featured on BBC Panorama program about Copeland. Even then, there were only a few articles about Myatt.
(3) “since then I have heard nothing”. Wrong. Like I said, he missed the full page article in The Times newspaper, and Myatt’s Q&A session on Sheikh Qaradawi’s website, and Myatt’s interesting article “From Neo-Nazi to Muslim” which has appeared on many Islamic websites, including recently one in the UK, and one in Thailand.

The sources given by this obvious cyber-stalker are clearly hostile ones despite the stalker writing “I don’t think either of them is a hostile source…” [regarding Searchlight, see the upcoming article “David Myatt and Searchlight” which will appear on this blog soon].

It is possible that the offending author of the offending post is the young Canadian-based Zionist who has a Myatt obsession and who has been stalking Myatt for over seven years.

I reproduce the item in question as it has appeared on such forums, complete with links.

The Offending Post

I am interested in the relationship between Muslim extremism and the far Right.

A few years ago a guy called David Myatt announced to the world that he was converting to the muslim faith. Up to that point he had a strong involvement with various neo-nazi political groups. It made quite an impact in the UK press at the time, but since then I have heard nothing. The only information from independent sources that I can find is this:

and this:

Please help out if you can find anything else on this.

I haven’t put any gaps in my links because I don’t think either of them is a hostile source. If there are any problems, will the Moderator please get in touch and I will change them.

Update and Addendum:

More on the New Myatt Stalker:

As reported above, an anonymous person has been posting dozens of messages to forums, world-wide, pretending to be doing some “research” into either David Myatt or into cooperation between Muslims and neo-nazis.

I write “pretending”, for the reasons given above, but to summarize: the obvious intent of this new stalker is to try to discredit Myatt by posting links to biased articles containing unproven allegations against Myatt while claiming that he/she “can only find” the posted “independent” links which are far from being “independent”.

In a new twist, the stalker posted an even more obsequious message that usual on an Islamic forum, giving the “usual two biased links”, as before, but added a quote from a forged item – questioning Myatt commitment to Islam – the like of which quote the zionist stalker (famous for his failed attempts to discredit Myatt on the Islamic Awakening forum) has posted several times before.

This post – like some of the other posts by the new stalker – drew the attention of a certain Myatt fan: someone who finds Myatt’s life interesting and respects his conversion to Islam. So, the fan replied to the stalker’s message on the Islamic forum, pointing out that the new stalker was possibly the zionist who had insulted the Prophet, Muhammad (which insult, many Muslims believe, carries the death penalty for Muslims and non-Muslims alike) and who had been stalking Myatt for around seven years.

This reply elicited an excited response from the new stalker: “I am so cross…Why is he stalking me?” he wrote, trying to deflect attention from his own stalking of Myatt by accusing the Myatt fan of stalking him, a familiar, and rather cry-baby, tactic which the “old” zionist stalker had also tried to use on numerous occasions, on Usenet and elsewhere. Obviously the new stalker forgets that he is the one who posted dozens of messages about Myatt, under various, different, user-names, pretending to ask to “information”, perhaps believing that he/she is being very clever by posting what they believe is a “cleverly crafted” message.

The stalker also accused the Myatt fan of being Myatt, another common ruse employed by obsessives in cyberspace obsessed with getting their obsession across.

Here is one of the replies by the Myatt fan (who for some conspiratorial reason often uses the user-name raffy) to the reply by the person who does seem to be rather obsessed with Myatt in a somewhat negative sort of way.

Anyone of any sagacity can see right through your “polite request” for info – as I pointed out in my first reply to your initial post.

Instead of answering the points I made about your post being just a trick to spread malicious rumors and allegations about Myatt, you now just use the tired old Usenet-type tactic of making accusations against me, of trying to shift the focus away from your factual errors, of which there are many.

So, what about the many factual errors contained in your original short post?

Thus, I repeat my points:

1) If you really are doing some serious research, then you would have found far more than the two spurious so-called “independent” items you linked to. Items such as books by Professor Kaplan, and Professor Michael.

2) If you had done even some preliminary, elementary research you would have found that Myatt did not “announce his conversion” to the world, as you claimed.

3) What about your error that “It made quite an impact in the UK press at the time…”? It went unnoticed for almost two years.

4) What about your error that “since then I have heard nothing…” ? Like I wrote, you missed the full page story in The Times newspaper; you missed Myatt’s question and answer session on Sheikh Qaradawi’s website. You missed an awful lot more.

5) What about your erroneous claim that the two sources you could find (obviously your Google or Yahoo searches are very different from mine) are “independent”? They are not independent in any shape or form. One makes the claim – without providing any evidence – that Myatt was/is an MI5 agent, and one is a political organization which even many on the Left in Britain find somewhat dubious because of its (alleged) links with MI5 and its past divisive actions within the Left. The people at Searchlight are just part of The Fourth estate: they do not deal in facts, but in innuendo, smear, allegations and assumptions.

As for the allegation that Myatt is MI5, this has now been taken further, with claims that he’s a 5GW operative (wow!) – but again, proof is lacking. It’s just assumption.



So, the conclusion is – due to all these errors and mistakes – that your post is just a ruse to spread unsubstantiated allegations about Myatt. If it was not, you would at the very least have given some other links which balanced the biased view of Searchlight – which, BTW, never presented any evidence for their allegations, ever. Check out:

Identity of the New Stalker Revealed?

Update, May 9, 2008 CE

Someone drew my attention, the other day, to a remarkable similarity between the many messages about Myatt, mentioned above, and messages posted some months ago, on forums like Stormfront, asking questions about a certain Richard Moult (ex-ONA).

The identity of the Moult stalker/troublemaker is well-known among esoteric-minded folk of the sinister kind (a few of whom have “put a hex on him”). This particular individual hails from Shropshire, and he has something of an unsavory reputation as a wife-beater, has a personal grudge against Moult, and has tried to sell stories of Moult’s involvement with the ONA, and with Myatt’s Reichsfolk, to various British tabloid newspapers, who just weren’t interested.

So, it’s possible that this person has now turned his attentions – for whatever warped reasons – to Myatt (a former personal friend of Moult’s).

But it’s also possible, of course, that it’s just the old zionist Myatt stalker (of Islamic Awakening forum fame) trying out new tactics, which have failed miserably.