The blog is about David Wulstan Myatt, whose Wikipedia article (as of April 2008) begins:

“David Wulstan Myatt…is a British Muslim and former neo-Nazi, and the author of numerous pamphlets and articles advocating Islamism, neo-Nazism and what he calls “The Numinous Way of Folk Culture.” He was the first leader of the British National Socialist Movement (NSM), and was identified by The Observer as the “ideological heavyweight” behind Combat 18.

Following his conversion to Islam in 1998, Myatt became an advocate of suicide attacks, expressed support for Osama bin Laden and the Taliban, and referred to the Holocaust as a “hoax.” An April 2005 NATO workshop heard that Myatt has called on “all enemies of the Zionists to embrace the Jihad” against Jews and the United States. Political scientist George Michael writes that Myatt has “arguably done more than any other theorist to develop a synthesis of the extreme right and Islam.”

Myatt came to public attention in 1999 when a pamphlet he wrote, A Practical Guide to Aryan Revolution, described as a “detailed step-by-step guide for terrorist insurrection,” was said to have inspired David Copeland, who left nailbombs in areas frequented by London’s black, Asian, and gay communities. Three people died and 129 were injured in the explosions, several of them losing limbs.

Myatt has been variously described as:

“[An] Eccentric English-based Gentleman of the current era, who has shown his undeniable ability to shake and stir up the world around him…”

“Myatt is an ethereal character. He is a dangerous man who has twice been jailed for his violent right-wing activities and who openly asked for blood to be spilled in the quest for white Aryan domination. We believe that despite his claims to be a devout Muslim he remains a deeply subversive intellectual and is still one of the most hardline Nazi intellectuals in Britain today. Myatt believes in the disruption of existing societies as a prelude to the creation of a new more warrior-like Aryan society which he calls the Galactic Empire.”

“Myatt may seem to have flitted from one politico-religious philosophy to another, but there is a terrible thread of continuity and rigour through his life and writings that suggests he is much more than a disingenuous provocateur. Naziism and Islamicism have served, in turn, as modalities of disruption for what remains at core an occult working to sow general chaos and division – the necessary passage of “Helter Skelter” to break down the Old Order, before the founding of the New…Whose interests are served by there being a David Myatt? Is he is own man – or men – or does he belong to someone else? Or is it something else – an intelligence service perhaps, or something, say, acausal?”

“David Myatt is…an important person to mention as an example of the strange alignment of worldviews that permeates many of the the extremist ideologies of our day, whether it’s fascism, religious zealotry… David Myatt’s strange, violent hate-filled philosophy and path in life helps give us additional insight and perspective into the mind of someone like Osama bin Laden.”

“Myatt is at best, a lunatic….He was last seen someplace in Iran, which is a good place for this scumbag. He is a fraud, and a [race] traitor.”

According to who writes the article – and their agenda, political or otherwise – Myatt is a “fanatical Nazi”; a Satanist; a weirdo; a latter-day Trickster; an MI5 agent; a radical Islamist supporting bin Laden and suicide bombings; and so on.

According to Myatt himself, he’s now “just a Muslim”, having (as a Muslim) renounced his former neo-nazi, and racist, views.

This blog will publish items and comments about Myatt, pro and contra, with the aim of helping those who might be interested in this particular (and some would say, this “peculiar”) character make up their own minds about him. We will also, occasionally, publish items by Myatt himself.

(Editorial Note: The above blurb, with some minor alterations, is taken – with permission – from Ms Julie Wright’s website about David Myatt.)

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