David Myatt: A Sinister Life?


David Myatt c. 1989

David Myatt c. 1989

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Myatt: A Sinister Life


“I, and others like me, are the darkness which is necessary and without which evolution and knowledge are impossible. I am also my own opposite, and yet beyond both. This is not a riddle, but a statement of Mastery, and one which, alas, so few have the ability to understand.” Diablerie: Revelations of a Satanist by Anton Long

“To strive, to dream, to quest, to exceed expectations. To move easily, gracefully,from the Light to the Dark, from Dark to Light, until one exists between yet beyond both, treating them (and yourself) for the imposters they (and you) are.” Anton Long: The Gentleman’s – and Noble Ladies – Brief Guide to The Dark Arts

Previously, I had arrived at the generally accepted conclusion that Myatt was a sinister fanatic, committed to the Dark Path evident in the ONA, and had used violence, terrorism, and political ideas in an attempt to cause chaos, and to subvert and overthrow society in order to bring about some kind of Dark Imperium, or Dark New Order.

This is still – despite some recent reservations, which I shall mention in due course – my own, personal, view regarding Myatt. In respect of Myatt’s conversion to Islam, my considered personal opinion is that Myatt was using radical Islam as a sinister tactic in order to further his clandestine sinister aims, which are of causing chaos and disruption, of inciting violence and terrorism, and of – in a classical act of diabolic blasphemy befitting a Grand Master of The Left Hand Path – championing those causes and people which and who are regarded, in the society of his time, as heretical, and support for which is often illegal, and certainly controversial and dangerous, under conventional laws. Hence, for instance, his championing and propagation of both the National Socialism of Adolf Hitler, and his support for people such as Usama bin Laden. Thus, according to the ONA:

“What is not well understood even among some sinister Initiates, is that the promotion of radical Islam – against the Magian/New World Order/Nazarene ethos that now pervades and which is distorting evolution and ushering in a new tyranny – is akin to a sinister rite which presences certain acausal energies.

Thus, such promotion of and support for things and people considered by the neo-cons to be “evil” – such as bin Laden – is a new Black Mass appropriate to these times of ours. It is now a heresy in “the West”.

The practical participation and encouragement of such things – directly contrary to the current status quo – is thus one valid personal Insight Role (for the really satanic, not the role-players) and a means of presencing genuine sinister energies: one aspect of a new five-dimensional presencing (or act of magick in Old Aeon speak) and thus an act of sinister magick appropriate to these causal times.” Vindex, NS, Islam, Chaos and Magick: Toward A New Heresy (A presentation given at an ONA Sunedrion in Oxford, “around the time of the Spring Solstice 117 yf”.)

Furthermore, according to one of Myatt’s supporters in an interesting essay entitled Questions About David Myatt – An Interview with Richard Stirling, Exoteric Representative of the ONA :

“Myatt is the archetypal Trickster – or to be more exact, the archetypal Mage. That is, he has been following a certain esoteric Way, or Path, which Way he has significantly extended as he has ventured along it, and that his diverse experiences, and roles, have been part of this Promethean quest. This, of course, includes both his role as a fanatical National Socialist, and his role as a radical Islamist, preaching Jihad.

How do you think he [Myatt] will be – or should be – regarded in a hundred years time?

As a genuine Mage – a Grand Master of The Left Hand Path – who has dared to genuinely defy and who has dared to undertake genuine diverse practical experiences and roles, lasting many years. He makes the charlatans – the Laveys, the Aquinos, the Crowleys – look like charlatans.”

In addition, as someone, with perspicacity, commented (August 2005 AD) :

“Myatt may seem to have flitted from one politico-religious philosophy to another, but there is a terrible thread of continuity and rigour through his life and writings that suggests he is much more than a disingenuous provocateur. Naziism and Islamicism have served, in turn, as modalities of disruption for what remains at core an occult working to sow general chaos and division – the necessary passage of “Helter Skelter” to break down the Old Order, before the founding of the New.”

This is, in my view, might well be a correct assessment of Myatt, even given Myatt’s many Islamic effusions, and his many and varied recent mystical effusions, which mystical effusions could possibly be some new emanation of his sinister dialectic, or some new dark jape he is playing, for his own amusement, or that of his colleagues(19). That is, Myatt may have deliberately set out to create yet another new image for himself – this time of a “wise, old, Mage”. This image certainly seems, at the time of writing (2008 AD) to be the one projected by many of Myatt’s recent letters and mystical missives, many of which are reproduced on some websites maintained by both Myatt supporters and Myatt himself, often – and interestingly enough – with the dates omitted. Furthermore, the “founding of the New”, mentioned in the above quote, is – as I have stated above and elsewhere – some kind of neo-nazi society, a Dark Imperium, the creation of which has certainly been Myatt’s primary aim for over thirty years.

However, to be fair, I have to admit that Myatt’ s many personal letters, missives and personal articles – written in the past two and a half years following the suicide of a close friend (20) – have made me wonder if my previous conclusion regarding him and the Occult is still valid. For these intensely personal items – which often concern the need for compassion and empathy – do, or rather, might, seem to indicate that he may have gone some way beyond certain Occult rôles, and creating images for himself, and even beyond the dark sinister path he has probably been following for decades. Certainly, they do seem to indicate a move away from politics and conventional religion (21), as they also seem to represent a further ethical development of his own philosophy, The Numinous Way (22). Thus, it could well be that Myatt has now – possibly as a result of his life-long Occult quest – arrived at the stage represented by the “reclusive, and mystical, empathic and compassionate Mage.”

Yet it is also worth remembering what I wrote in my Biographical Notes about Myatt:

“Let us not forget Myatt, The Master Trickster – for it might well be that his recent mystical effusions are one more jape, of his, or some more diversionary tactics, or even some kind of test, for the loyalty, and honor of others. For I personally find it to be of great interest that one of his Islamist supporters, based in America – himself a convert to Islam who still believes Myatt has never renounced his loyalty to Islam – has openly stated that he believes Myatt is testing people in this way. Add to this the allegations regarding the falsifications of dates on some articles attributed to Myatt, the allegations regarding some articles being incorrectly attributed to Myatt, and the disinformation propagated about Myatt by his enemies, and we surely have to take some care before drawing our own conclusions about the man.”

Thus, it does seem that the final conclusion as to David Myatt’s real intentions and nature, at this moment in time, can only realistically be that each one of us will have to draw our own conclusions based on what little we know and – more interestingly – on what we assume or believe. Our conclusion may say more about us, and our society, than it might say about Myatt himself, and the fact we have to draw our own conclusions may be, as I myself believe, exactly what Myatt himself wishes, as some kind of test for us, and our honor. To quote an apposite verse from his translation of the Agamemnon by Aeschylus – which verse he has appended to several of his letters to me –

As to my own intent:
To those who know, there is a speaking;
To those who do not know, a concealment.

Quoted from David Myatt: A Sinister Life? by Julie Wright

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