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The Bad Boys of Satanism

There’s a video entitled The Bad Boys of Satanism posted on YouTube about Myatt and the ONA at

It’s not, in fact, a video according to a certain usage of that term (moving images), but rather someone – an American, using the pseudonym Jason King – speaking to camera about Satanism, the ONA and David Myatt.

The speaker makes some good and interesting points, about Myatt and the ONA, stating that in his opinion:

(1) The Order of Nine Angles is the work of one man and one man alone: that is, David Myatt;

(2) The ONA is a genuinely sinister organization [i.e. striving to disrupt and cause Chaos and destruction], and that Myatt is a genius for creating it and obviously well understands the Occult in general and satanism in particular;

(3) The ONA has in effect created a new mythos;

(4) Myatt is a dangerous individual who is a “psychopath”.

(5) Myatt’s conversion to Islam is just a ruse, and he’s only using radical Islam to further his sinister, his Satanic, aims.

The speaker is also of the opinion that (a) Myatt’s ulterior motive – his primary aim – is a neo-nazi one, and that Myatt is still a neo-nazi; and that (b) the term “nine angles” was taken from Aquino’s socalled “Rite of the Nine Angles”, a point addressed by – and to some extent refuted by – the ONA in several of their documents, including Questions About David Myatt – An Interview with Richard Stirling, Exoteric Representative of the ONA:

Can we talk about the origin of the term the Order of Nine Angles? Was that taken from another, pre-existing, American based, group, as some people have surmised and claimed?

Not to my knowledge. According to my sources, the term was taken from a medieval alchemical manuscript, written in Arabic, and entitled Al-Kitab al-Aflak. What many of those involved with esoteric matters outside the ONA do not know is that many of the Arab alchemists, from whom many of the Western alchemists learned their trade or gained their knowledge from, considered there were nine emanations, or angles, and that there were different forms of Time – azal and dhar and zamal – for example. Myatt studied such matters, and developed, extended, these ideas, and gave them a modern slant. Hence causal, acausal, nine angles, and so on.

But that, like they say, is just another man’s view.

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