David Myatt and Islam


David Myatt and Islam: A Plethora of Posts From a Stalker


The following item about Myatt – under various titles including David Myatt and Islam – has been appearing on many, mainly political, forums, world-wide, within the last month, and is posted under various user names.

So far, there have been about fifteen forums infested with this message, all of which messages are identical, which certainly does indicate a concerted campaign of disinformation by (probably) just one individual who has a rather unhealthy obsession with Myatt.

I say “disinformation” because the person makes a rather silly pretense of doing some “research” and asking for information about Myatt, stating that “the only information from independent sources that I can find is…” and then gives links to two sites which are far from being “independent sources”. One is a conspiracy site by a conspiracy nut; the other is a political organization which has been posting various unsubstantiated allegations about Myatt for over twenty years, and which is itself rumored to be linked to Britain’s MI5 (see the Wikipedia article about this “Searchlight” group for more info).

It is a silly pretense about asking for information about Myatt, because:

Anyone who’s seriously interested in the relationship that may exist between some Muslims and the far Right would have found and read Professor Michael’s book about the subject – The Enemy of My Enemy: The Alarming Convergence of Militant Islam and the Extreme Right – which provides some good info.

Anyone who’s seriously interested in David Myatt would have found the Wikipedia article about him


which provides a fairly balanced overview of the man, and gives references for further research.

The person also makes at least three factual errors in his two short paragraphs. The errors are:

(1) “he announced to the world”. Wrong – Myatt kept quiet about it for nearly two years.
(2) “It made quite an impact in the UK press at the time”. Wrong. It went unnoticed until two years later, after Myatt featured on BBC Panorama program about Copeland. Even then, there were only a few articles about Myatt.
(3) “since then I have heard nothing”. Wrong. Like I said, he missed the full page article in The Times newspaper, and Myatt’s Q&A session on Sheikh Qaradawi’s website, and Myatt’s interesting article “From Neo-Nazi to Muslim” which has appeared on many Islamic websites, including recently one in the UK, and one in Thailand.

The sources given by this obvious cyber-stalker are clearly hostile ones despite the stalker writing “I don’t think either of them is a hostile source…” [regarding Searchlight, see the upcoming article “David Myatt and Searchlight” which will appear on this blog soon].

It is possible that the offending author of the offending post is the young Canadian-based Zionist who has a Myatt obsession and who has been stalking Myatt for over seven years.

I reproduce the item in question as it has appeared on such forums, complete with links.

The Offending Post

I am interested in the relationship between Muslim extremism and the far Right.

A few years ago a guy called David Myatt announced to the world that he was converting to the muslim faith. Up to that point he had a strong involvement with various neo-nazi political groups. It made quite an impact in the UK press at the time, but since then I have heard nothing. The only information from independent sources that I can find is this:


and this:


Please help out if you can find anything else on this.

I haven’t put any gaps in my links because I don’t think either of them is a hostile source. If there are any problems, will the Moderator please get in touch and I will change them.

Update and Addendum:

More on the New Myatt Stalker:

As reported above, an anonymous person has been posting dozens of messages to forums, world-wide, pretending to be doing some “research” into either David Myatt or into cooperation between Muslims and neo-nazis.

I write “pretending”, for the reasons given above, but to summarize: the obvious intent of this new stalker is to try to discredit Myatt by posting links to biased articles containing unproven allegations against Myatt while claiming that he/she “can only find” the posted “independent” links which are far from being “independent”.

In a new twist, the stalker posted an even more obsequious message that usual on an Islamic forum, giving the “usual two biased links”, as before, but added a quote from a forged item – questioning Myatt commitment to Islam – the like of which quote the zionist stalker (famous for his failed attempts to discredit Myatt on the Islamic Awakening forum) has posted several times before.

This post – like some of the other posts by the new stalker – drew the attention of a certain Myatt fan: someone who finds Myatt’s life interesting and respects his conversion to Islam. So, the fan replied to the stalker’s message on the Islamic forum, pointing out that the new stalker was possibly the zionist who had insulted the Prophet, Muhammad (which insult, many Muslims believe, carries the death penalty for Muslims and non-Muslims alike) and who had been stalking Myatt for around seven years.

This reply elicited an excited response from the new stalker: “I am so cross…Why is he stalking me?” he wrote, trying to deflect attention from his own stalking of Myatt by accusing the Myatt fan of stalking him, a familiar, and rather cry-baby, tactic which the “old” zionist stalker had also tried to use on numerous occasions, on Usenet and elsewhere. Obviously the new stalker forgets that he is the one who posted dozens of messages about Myatt, under various, different, user-names, pretending to ask to “information”, perhaps believing that he/she is being very clever by posting what they believe is a “cleverly crafted” message.

The stalker also accused the Myatt fan of being Myatt, another common ruse employed by obsessives in cyberspace obsessed with getting their obsession across.

Here is one of the replies by the Myatt fan (who for some conspiratorial reason often uses the user-name raffy) to the reply by the person who does seem to be rather obsessed with Myatt in a somewhat negative sort of way.

Anyone of any sagacity can see right through your “polite request” for info – as I pointed out in my first reply to your initial post.

Instead of answering the points I made about your post being just a trick to spread malicious rumors and allegations about Myatt, you now just use the tired old Usenet-type tactic of making accusations against me, of trying to shift the focus away from your factual errors, of which there are many.

So, what about the many factual errors contained in your original short post?

Thus, I repeat my points:

1) If you really are doing some serious research, then you would have found far more than the two spurious so-called “independent” items you linked to. Items such as books by Professor Kaplan, and Professor Michael.

2) If you had done even some preliminary, elementary research you would have found that Myatt did not “announce his conversion” to the world, as you claimed.

3) What about your error that “It made quite an impact in the UK press at the time…”? It went unnoticed for almost two years.

4) What about your error that “since then I have heard nothing…” ? Like I wrote, you missed the full page story in The Times newspaper; you missed Myatt’s question and answer session on Sheikh Qaradawi’s website. You missed an awful lot more.

5) What about your erroneous claim that the two sources you could find (obviously your Google or Yahoo searches are very different from mine) are “independent”? They are not independent in any shape or form. One makes the claim – without providing any evidence – that Myatt was/is an MI5 agent, and one is a political organization which even many on the Left in Britain find somewhat dubious because of its (alleged) links with MI5 and its past divisive actions within the Left. The people at Searchlight are just part of The Fourth estate: they do not deal in facts, but in innuendo, smear, allegations and assumptions.

As for the allegation that Myatt is MI5, this has now been taken further, with claims that he’s a 5GW operative (wow!) – but again, proof is lacking. It’s just assumption.





So, the conclusion is – due to all these errors and mistakes – that your post is just a ruse to spread unsubstantiated allegations about Myatt. If it was not, you would at the very least have given some other links which balanced the biased view of Searchlight – which, BTW, never presented any evidence for their allegations, ever. Check out:


Identity of the New Stalker Revealed?

Update, May 9, 2008 CE

Someone drew my attention, the other day, to a remarkable similarity between the many messages about Myatt, mentioned above, and messages posted some months ago, on forums like Stormfront, asking questions about a certain Richard Moult (ex-ONA).

The identity of the Moult stalker/troublemaker is well-known among esoteric-minded folk of the sinister kind (a few of whom have “put a hex on him”). This particular individual hails from Shropshire, and he has something of an unsavory reputation as a wife-beater, has a personal grudge against Moult, and has tried to sell stories of Moult’s involvement with the ONA, and with Myatt’s Reichsfolk, to various British tabloid newspapers, who just weren’t interested.

So, it’s possible that this person has now turned his attentions – for whatever warped reasons – to Myatt (a former personal friend of Moult’s).

But it’s also possible, of course, that it’s just the old zionist Myatt stalker (of Islamic Awakening forum fame) trying out new tactics, which have failed miserably.

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